Optimus Prime Douche-truck, fat narcissists and Doctor Who: “Thunderingly Racist”

UFP logo com NSFW!!! Oh dear….. It’s quite a pleasant affair here….. HAHA! F*ck that! A HUGE show here. Let’s check it out!   Channel ten doesn’t fail to disappoint with shitting on their own points and sh*tting out terrible programs UFP Crew Questions -          Justin Beiber becoming the new Chris Brown -          “What if” scenarios involving Chrissie Swan -          Comic books that will never be adapted into movie -          Fave 80s movies -          Amanda Bynes falling further and further into the deep end -          “What if” scenario involving Disney buying DC Comics -          Inkers involved in comics -          Australian Urban Legends Haley Morris-Cafiero: Fat narcissist and lonely c*nt Aaron Fotheringham rules The Great Gatsby Review – VERY slight spoilers   NERD NEWS! at 1hr 15mins www.supanova.com.au supanova-logo Christopher Lee’s celebrates his 91st Birthday by releasing a metal album KILLER GAMMA RAYS!!!! Trask Industries revealed by Bryan Singer to be included in Days of Future Past DC’s “Villains Month” updates/follow up titles and inclusion of David Finch Joss Whedon summons Saoirse Ronan as The Scarlett Witch Neil Gaiman…. ACTING via Blood Kiss Kickstarter Jim Jarmusch’s new vampire film, Only Lovers Left Alive Sam Mendes back on board for the next Bond film Francesco Francavilla’s “Batspoiltation” Damon Lindelof apologises for nothing Optimus Prime: Fast and the Furious Douche-Truck Doctor Who is “Thunderingly Racist” E3 2013 anticipated releases Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within Teaser trailer for Sonic: Lost World More problems with Xbox One Blizzard’s under wraps release Wolfenstien reboot fans were asking for Leprechaun reboot NO ONE was asking for