Star Trek into Darkness, Raw Comedy and a $120 Egg and Bacon roll

UFP logo   The BIG five-oh! What an occasion!..... Ah, really who cares? 50 eps of shit talking and verbal wank ain’t no great shakes.   This is the show….   John Eats Carrots Unfunny commentary over playing video games is in super high demand at the moment RAW Comedy jumps the shark by becoming the comedy equivalent of “The X Factor” Come to Australia for the sunshine, koalas and $120 egg and bacon rolls Clive Palmer is a reverse vending machine Zooey Deschanel forces relevancy Good grief Charlie Brown! Stop stalking your ex! Vin Diesel is the reason Facebook still exists   Movie Review: Star Trek into Darkness @ 50 mins   NERD NEWS @ 1hr and 5 mins William Fichtner cast as The Shredder Wonder Woman Earth One artwork revealed Sample footage for Marvels’ Big Hero 6 drops Gravity trailer Batman Inc double issue conclusion American Vampire Anthology The 1000 page Archie Extravaganza We pick our “desert island” comics