Secret Identity Podcast Issue #521–Green Lantern and Witch Hunter

News Bing Con 2013 Announced! ( Star Wars Rebels announced Garfield plays b-ball as Spidey Reviews Green Lantern #20 Witch Hunter #12 Boob Tube / Big Screen Hemlock Grove The Office Star Trek: Into Darkness Summer Watching Project Eureka–Before I Forget Creator Spotlight: Matt Berry Matt spoke with the creator of Mattman: Dinosaur Hunter at […]

Episode #271: Metropolis, Here We Come!

The 35th Annual Superman Celebration will occur Thursday, June – Sunday, June 9, 2013. This episode previews the schedule for the four day event. Also available in .pdf format is the Superman Celebration Program Book. While I don’t mention every event for the Celebration, I do highlight the ones which catch my interest. Previously, I covered Metropolis, Illinois way back […]

W.I.P. # 208 – Killer Runs

On this episode: New books, A look back at Star Trek 2 & some essential comic runs. Wrapped In Plastic Podcast My Twitter My Blog W.I.P. @ Comics Podcast Network W.I.P. @ ITunes My Tumblr Play in new window | Download (Duration: 25:16 — 23.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Hey Kids, Comics! Vol2 22 Spider-Man Blue

In an episode decidedly less Blue than the last few weeks, Micheal and Andrew turn their to attention to one of the three colours trilogy – No, not the arty French films but the comic book series by Jeph Loeb & Tim Sale; Spider-Man Blue. Marvel at proper storytelling, glourious sequential art and an actual […]

Optimus Prime Douche-truck, fat narcissists and Doctor Who: “Thunderingly Racist”

NSFW!!! Oh dear….. It’s quite a pleasant affair here….. HAHA! F*ck that! A HUGE show here. Let’s check it out!   Channel ten doesn’t fail to disappoint with shitting on their own points and sh*tting out terrible programs UFP Crew Questions –          Justin Beiber becoming the new Chris Brown –          “What if” scenarios involving Chrissie […]

He’s Got Issues #70: New Comics 5/29/13 First Five: 1) X-Men #1 2) Wolverine And The X-Men #30 3) Morning Glories #27 4) Thief Of Thieves #14 5) The Wake #1 (Of 10) Top Ten: 6) Avenging Spider-Man #21 7) Savage Wolverine #5 8) New Avengers #6 9) Uncanny X-Force #5 10) Batman The Dark Knight Annual #1, $4.99 Best […]

He’s Got Issues #70: Marvel Comics #15, 5/29/13 MARVEL COMICS Avenging Spider-Man #21 Captain America #7 Dark Avengers #190 (Final Issue) Fury MAX #12 Gambit #13 Indestructible Hulk #8 Iron Man #258.4 Morbius The Living Vampire #5 New Avengers #6 Savage Wolverine #5 Uncanny X-Force #5 Venom #35 Wolverine And The X-Men #30 X-Men #1 Trades: All-New X-Men Volume 2 Here […]

He’s Got Issues #70: DC Comics #15, 5/29/13 DC COMICS Adventures Of Superman #1 Batman The Dark Knight Annual #1 Catwoman Annual #1 Earth 2 Annual #1 Injustice Gods Among Us #5 Justice League Of America #4 Red Hood And The Outlaws Annual #1 Smallville Season 11 Special #1 The Wake #1 (Of 10) Trades: Absolute Top 10 HC Batman Noir […]

He’s Got Issues #70: Independents #15, 5/29/13 BOOM! STUDIOS Adventure Time Annual #1 Clive Barker’s Next Testament #1 (Of 12) Deathmatch #6 DARK HORSE COMICS Amala’s Blade #2 (Of 4) Angel And Faith #22 B.P.R.D. Vampire #3 (Of 5) Dragon Age Until We Sleep #3 (Of 3) King Conan The Hour Of The Dragon #1 (Of 6) Last Of Us […]

CBL011 CBL: The Digital Ribbon of Podcasts

An episode fraught with Internet issues the guys start with helping Harold with some computer issues before talking about the Steam Sale and Chad rambles on about of some DC Zero issues, two books from the upstart comic company Marvel, V for Vendetta, and we once again talk about Stephanie Brown. Mike talks about Hickman’s […]

Real Books Don’t Have Batman 5/29/13

This week marks the return of the character you’ve all been waiting for! Not Stephanie Brown, not Cassandra Cain, not Ted Kord… SHAGGY MAN! Hells yes. Deshawn’s new show Sequality first episode This week we review: Adventures of Superman #1 (1:55) The Wake #1 (out of 10) (3:45) Justice League of America #4 – The Return of the Shaggyness (6:50) Earth-2 […]

Sequential Underground #67

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators! Listen to Sequential Underground #67 right now: After Shawn Atkins recaps his experience at last weekend’s Pittsburgh Comic Arts Festival, he talks to Nick Marino about keeping long ongoing comics fresh and exciting for himself as creator. Shawn keeps it fresh by staying flexible and […]

Breaking the 4th Wall – Episode 20

This week we start out with a tangent about podcasts that we like, and then we cover lots of books, including Occupy Comics, The Bounce, Accelerators, Batman Lil Gotham, Miniature Jesus, Sex, Green Team, Lobster Johnson, Five Ghosts: The Haunting of Fabian Gray, Nowhere Men, The Deep Sea, All Star Western, Aquaman,  Avengers, Daredevil, Green Lantern, Justice League , Uncanny Avengers, and Young Avengers. You can subscribe to Breaking the 4th Wall […]

Pop Media Savant Episode 82: Movie Talk: Summer Movie Spotlight Part 1

This week it is all about the summer movies this is part one of my summer movie spotlight series. I will discuss and review in detail the first crop of summer blockbusters starting with Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness and Fast and Furious 6. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download (Duration: […]

Star Trek: Into Darkness

John Mayo and Kay Kellam discuss the recently released Star Trek: Into Darkness film. Links: Star Trek: Into Darkness @ Discount Comic Book Service: Comics Podcast Network: League of Comic Book Podcasts: Email us at Join the discussion on our forum at: This podcast episode originated on the […]