Superman Fan Podcast Episode #263 Part I: MegaCon 2013: Crime Noir Panel II!

Supermanfanpodcast Logo I would like to thank the guys at the Rack Pack Comics Podcast for allowing me to record this panel as an episode of this podcast. The CRIME NOIR II PANEL was hosted by Rack Packer Allan Dempsey, and the panel was comprised of Darwyn CookeJimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Frank Tieri and Dave Johnson. They discussed various aspects of working in the crime noir genre. NOTE: This panel does contain some adult language, so keep that in mind if you have little ears around. Next Episode: MEGACON 2013 PART II: GIVING BACK TO FANDOM PANEL! In 2 Episodes: MEGACON 2013 PART III: WORKING ON LICENSED COMICS PANEL! Check out SLIPSTREAM, the weekly web comic book I'm drawing and lettering, which is written by Jeffrey Taylor, co-host of the FROM CRISIS TO CRISIS PODCAST and contributor to the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE. New pages of SLIPSTREAM can be found eachTuesday at Adam Dechanel, another contributor to the SUPERMAN HOMEPAGE, also writes and draws E. O. S. for Clockwork Comics, and new pages are available on  and Thursdays. Clockwork Comics is the home website for amazing web comics and e-books! The new home for THE SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST is Send e-mail to You can join the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST group or page on facebook, and follow the podcast on twitter @supermanpodcast. SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST is a proud member of thefollowing: - The LEAGUE OF COMIC BOOK PODCASTERS at , - The COMICS PODCAST NETWORK! -, - The SUPERMAN WEBRING of websites, and - The SUPERMAN PODCAST NETWORK at http://supermanpodcastnetwork ! The theme of this podcast is PLANS IN MOTION, composed by Kevin MacLeod, and part of the royalty free music library at Superman and all related characters are trademark and copyright DC Comics. Any art shown on this podcast is for entertainment purposes only, and not for profit. I make no claims of ownership of these images, nor do I earn any money from this podcast. Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, creators of Superman!