Two True Freaks! Episode 315 – Star Wars Monthly Monday #48

This episode is very special for us.  Not only does it mark a milestone of sorts as we reach issue #100 of Marvel's Star Wars, but we are incredibly honored to have with us one of the talents that truly elevated this title and made it the great and fun comic we all look back on with such fond memories. For this episode, we have brought on comics legend David Michelinie to discuss his fantastic work on what could have been -- and by all rights, what should have been -- the weakest link in the the Marvel Star Wars saga -- that interminable wait between TESB and ROTJ -- but instead he hit the ground running and turned out the fastest paced, most exciting, most original run of the title, producing what for many of us are our favorite characters, environments, and storylines, such as The Tarkin space station, Plif and the hoojibs, The Return to Cloud City, Shira Brie, Luke Skywalker: Pariah, and Fenn Shysa. We'll also be discussing his work on The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones and a few other surprises! BUT THAT'S NOT ALL!! We are also joined this episode by the Irredeemable Shag of the Fire and Water Podcast for a lively discussion of the Special Double-Sized 100th Issue!!   CHECK OUT OUR BACK EPISODES!   VISIT OUR FORUM   Two True Freaks! is a proud member of BOTH the Comics Podcast Network ( and the League of Comic Book Podcasts (!! Feedback for the show can be sent to us at You can now follow Scott on Twitter at and "Friend" him on Facebook! THANK YOU for listening to Two True Freaks!! 

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