Wayne’s Comics #81 With Adam Freeman From ‘Nightwatchman’

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Are you ready for the 81st episode of the Wayne’s Comics podcast?

This time, I interview Adam Freeman, one of the creators of Nightwatchman, a great graphic novel from Kickstart Comics! Adam and I talk about the book and how it came to be as well as the characters and how they interact. He also shares his insights into translating comics into other forms of entertainment, something he’s passionate about, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy that! If you can’t locate Nightwatchman (or another Kickstart book he worked on, Hero Complex), you can go to the Amazon website! For more on Kickstart, go to their site at this location: http://kickstartcomics.com/.

Then I review this week’s comics, and everything wraps up with Gianluca Glazer discussing the latest ‘news & Previews’ with me!’ Don’t miss it!


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