Wayne’s Comics #80 With James Tynion IV From ‘Talon’

James Tynion IV, Batman, Red Hood and the Outlaws, Talon, Court of Owls, Joker, Wayne's Comics, Wayne Hall, Steve Davis

Don’t miss Episode 80 of the Wayne’s Comics podcast!

I have a great conversation with James Tynion IV, the Bat-creator who works with Scott Snyder on the back-up in Batman and on the successful Talon, and who is taking over Red Hood and the Outlaws in the very near future! We discuss Batman #16 and his favorite DCU characters, and he gives a hint or two about what we can expect in Talon and Red Hood in the future! It’s always extra-special when I get to talk with someone who works on the Dark Knight, so don’t miss it!

Then I review this week’s comics, and everything wraps up with Steve Davis joining me to talk about the latest ‘News & Previews!’


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