Sidekickcast Episode #76 – Punk Rock Secrets and Jesus Lies



It’s number 76 folks!!!

Bringing it bad to our original MO we have a brand new sidekick for this episode! The new sidekick explains how he thought Dan was a total loser before getting him into comic books.

The usual news and awesomeness is discussed by the sidekicks and Bones explains his new comic speculative schemes before we review the final issue of Punk Rock Jesus – will it be all they hoped for? Harvest, Thunderbolts #1, Daredevil: End of Days and Superior Spider-Man #1

Secrets and lies gets a new twist in honour of Punk Rock Jesus and in an attempt to close the gap, Dan brings his own quiz!
We also have guest music from Monitor Clothing’s Seanus Savant and our usual out take japery!!

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