The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast Ep. 72: The Real Episode 71

 Tonight, we log into the annals of history the true episode 71.
The episode 71 that should have been.

Much like Back to the Future: Part II, the IC3 timeline went askew, but for
us it wasn’t old Biff stealing the time machine, it was Adam, Dante, and Jeff
ruining an episode without Dan. So in this episode we hope to redeem ourselves by talking about adolescent poop stories, prolific biographical films, why Dan is now the most famour member of the podcast and how Barack Obama should sing for a positive hardcore band. This week we spoil these issue:

Green Lantern #14 (again)
Batman #14
Before Watchmen: Moloch #1
Ghostbusters #14

Stay tuned to the next episode to see if the feud is still on, or to see if
people remember or care.

Hosted by Dan and Jeff

@ComicCabalCast //

(323) 7-BEARDS

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