A Podcast with Ross and Nick #138

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

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Fawn gets in on the fun as we dissect an EXTREME two-part story from X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #4849 (s4 e6-7 on Netflix). And, of course, we’ve got stupid screencaps for you from both episode 48 and episode 49.

Magneto has decided to give the mutants a home away from home on Asteroid M. But everything doesn’t go to plan and Magneto’s most zealous follower ends up becoming his most deadly enemy! Oooo!!

After that, we talk about our magnificent road trip to the 2012 Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland. Ross Campbell, Nick Marino, and special guest Fawn were at the show last weekend repping Super Haters, Stick Cats, Time Log, Wet Moon, Glory, and more.

Fawn kickin’ it at Nick’s SPX table

We’ve got so many goddamn SPX shout outs that it would be virtually impossible to list them out here. Listen to see if you get a shout out!!

ALSO: Smars needs your help to get to Anime Weekend Atlanta! Your donation gets you kickass digital comics and printed schwag. Donate here!!

AND: Come see Nick at this weekend’s Pittsburgh Zine Fair.

Next: X-Men: The Animated Series episodes #5051 (s4 e16 & s4 e3 on Netflix).

Elements of this episode are continued from AudioShocker Podcast #229.

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