Randumb Idiocy 8/31/12

In this episode I’m joined by writers Josh Gorfain and Greg Pak, as well as artist Joe Mulvey. We discuss the Justice League movie, 80’s properties that could make good feature films and advertising in comics. Of course with Mr. Pak in the virtual studio we discuss the Hulk’s Avengers appearance and the possible Hulk […]

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #456–My Monster and Superman

Newsdesk: ComicCONN Recap Remembering Joe Kubert Rob Liefeld leaves DC New 52 One Year Later Bluewater leaves Diamond Reviews: My Monster Superman #12 Summer Watching Project: Brisco County Jr. Showdown Creator Spotlight: Mike Valade The creator of My Monster sat down with Brian at ComicCONN 2012. You can find out more about Mike on his […]

Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 32: Chew Vol. 1: Taster’s Choice TP

This month’s Trade Your Pick selection is Chew Vol. 1: Taster’s Choice. As always I do a detailed review of the book and talk all things surrounding it. Enjoy! http://traffic.libsyn.com/comicbooksavant/CBS_Trade_Your_Pick_Episode_32.m4aPodcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 26:29 — 12.4MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #237: Superman Family Comic Books Cover Dated March 1958: Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen #27, Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane #1 & World’s Finest Comics #93!

SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN 27, March 1958, was published around January 16, 1958. It contained 32 pages for 10¢. Mort Weisinger was the editor, and the cover was pencilled by Curt Swan and inked by Stan Kaye. All three 8 page stories were done by the same creative team, writer Otto Binder, penciller Curt Swan […]

Fanboy Buzz – Comic Book Podcast – Episode #132 – A Truly Independent Podcast

Remember to checkout FanboyBuzz.com for all show notes. During this episode of the Fanboy Buzz we discuss whether or not Lois Lane is good enough for Superman, Rob Liefeld vs Scott Snyder, a new Justice League of America team and also another comic book industry member does some great work for charity. In Steve Boyd’s […]

Wayne’s Comics #66 with Phil Hester from Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight and Guarding the Globe

The Wayne’s Comics podcast is now at ComicBooked.com! This week’s interview is a great one with Phil Hester, accomplished comics writer and artist! He talks about his three-part digital comic for Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight entitled “Slam!” then discusses other projects including Guarding the Globe for Image and Bionic Man for Dynamite! All three […]

Hey Kids Comics S01E07 Transmetropolitan

Andrew had a bad week at work and also had a terrible head cold so Micheal picked the topic, chose the issues, wrote most of the script, picked the music and edited the whole kit and kaboodle into 1 hour of shiny podcasty goodness for your enjoyment. This week’s theme is TRANSMETROPOLITAN – a science […]

Radio Free Asgard 68

And now for something completely different – We open with a few shout-outs, and then we thrill to the return of Jane Foster as we review What If? #10 from 1978!! What If Jane Foster Had Found The Hammer Of Thor?? Need I say… unbreakable thong? Plus… endless fun as I try to pronounce “possesseth […]

Listen To Jimmy with Jimmy Palmiotti #60

This week on L2J: -Back From Fan Expo Toronto -Helping a book like Creator Owned Heroes Succeed -Hurricane Miss -Canadians and Handsome Women -Hildebrandt Drawing -Joe Kubert -Young Romance -Twitter Melt-Downs -Kickstarter backing -Republican Prostitutes -Mega Con Invite to a Lucky Listener http://tindeck.com/download/pro/sncw/%5Btindeck.com%5D+-+campbell551%2B-%2BListen%2BTo%2BJimmy%2B60.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:56 — 82.3MB)Subscribe: iTunes | […]

Where Monsters Dwell Classic (#88 with Jamal Igle and Dan Brereton)

This week, during the Where Monsters Dwell Summer Vacation, we re-present another classic episode. This time it’s Episode 88 with guests Jamal Igle and Dan Brereton from february 10th, 2010. For those who are new to our program, you will get a tasty of what it’s like when Mike and Remy start the show with […]

He’s Got Issues #30: New Comics 8/29/12

New releases for Aug 29, 2012, including: Aquaman #12, Before Watchmen Minutemen #3, Detective Comics Annual #1, Flash Annual #1, Green Lantern Annual #1, Justice League #12, Justice League International Annual #1, National Comics Looker #1, Phantom Lady #1, Superman Annual #1, Avenging Spider-Man #11, AvX Vs #5, Captain Marvel #3, Gambit #2, Hulk #57, […]

Sequential Underground #48

The podcast by indie comics creators for indie comics creators! Listen to Sequential Underground #48 right now: Nick Marino is joined by Jeremy Baum, the Pittsburgh-based artist behind the comics Postland, Extravagant Traveler, and more. The discussion begins with color, analyzing the intentional and unintentional decisions behind the palettes used in their comics. But the […]

Hey Kids Comics S01E06 Preacher

Micheal & Andrew discuss PREACHER, the best comic book series ever made! Well, possibly. They look at two of the PREACHER specials, discuss the series in depth and make with dodgy accents. Violence and strong themes are every bit a part of the PREACHER lexicon and this episode, whilst trying to stay family friendly, tackles […]

Comic News Insider Episode 432 – Doctor Who in NYC w/ Matt Smith and Karen Gillan!

Comic News Insider: Episode 432 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces. Reviews: Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Spike #1, Galaxy Man #1, Rocketeer Cargo Of Doom #1, True Blood finale Jimmy is joined in studio by famed vloggers/comedians/life coaches/newly engaged couple Michelle Vargas and Justin Akin! They chat about […]

F BombCast 161: We Are Progressives

Two weeks in a row?!? What the hell did you all do to deserve this? We spend a good amount of the time discussing music, and Prog rock kings Queensryche and Dream Theater in specific. New 52 is given a comprehensive grade by kevin as it suck, but not all of it, and even that […]