A Podcast with Ross and Nick #130

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #130 right now!

FIRST: Ross Campbell talks about his signing at Heroes Your Mom Threw Out.

NEXT: Nick Marino shares his new feelings about the obsolescence of comic book and webcomics numbering as he discusses changes he plans to make to Super Haters.

THEN: Ross agrees to read Iron Man #281-316 if Nick will read all of Sleepwalker. DONE DEAL!!! Expect an SleepIronWalkerManCast in the future.

PLUS: Irrational-yet-rational Batman complaints, Mr. Plinkett’s Star Wars reviews, and a scathing Titanic review.

AND: Ross and Nick chime in on creator’s rights and corporate compensation for the comic book creators who invented the stuff that ends up in the movies. Also, they discuss this passionately unbalanced Wall Street Journal article about superhero comics. And Wet Moon 6 is in Previews!!!

Photo by Raymond L.

FINALLY: After the end theme — fruit.

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