The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast Ep. 35: HASHTAG AWESOME Premiere!

We recorded this episode mid-week because on Friday we had major,
major, technical fuck-ups. Dante and Jeff “recreate” the comic talk,
discuss some WonderCon announcements, inquire about Wonder Woman’s
feminine hygiene, and have a small NYCC 2012 Beard-Off update.

Saucer Country 1
Infestation 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1
Swamp Thing 7
Thief of Thieves 2
Green Lantern 7
Scarlet Spider 3
Conan the Barabarian 2
Morning Glories 16
Powers 9
Saga 1

Don’t forget to listen to the WHOLE episode, because the last
55 minutes marks the debut of HASHTAG AWESOME, a new
podcast with some familiar voices.

This episode of IC3 was hosted by Jeff, and Dante.
Hashtag Awesome was hosted by Ian, with Jay, Andy, and Jeff. // @ComicCabalCast

3 Responses to “The Incompetent Comic Cabal Cast Ep. 35: HASHTAG AWESOME Premiere!”

  1. One of the worst podcasts I’ve ever heard; couldn’t make it through half an episode.

  2. 🙂

  3. Bryant Burnette obviously enjoys heterosexual sex. What a fag.

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