Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 043 – “Drowsy Tales from a Con”

We were tired this week thanks to two full days at WonderCon! But that didn’t stop us from putting a couple of microphones in front of our faces to bring on the noise and the funk! We’ve got another big batch of new creator-owned titles to discuss and almost an hour of WonderCon stories!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:08:14 Action Comics #7: We’re digging this man of action!
00:17:06 Saga #1: For lovers of great comic books.
00:22:58 Avengers Assemble #1: The book needs to be disassembled.
00:26:09 Fairest #1: Worry not dear readers, Fairest is as good as it is accessible.
00:29:43 Green Arrow #7: The story is fine, the art is great, the words—not so much.
00:33:53 Age of Apocalypse #1: We thought the book was good, but Don felt it was geared more for the X-fans.
00:38:19 The Manhattan Projects #1: Jonathan Hickman is working more magic with this new creator-owned work.
00:43:14 Hell Yeah #1: Don’t let the name turn you off—this book is Hella good.
00:48:11 Superbia #1: Don enjoyed the fun of this title more than Jerry, but both agree that not everything felt fresh.
00:53:54 Fatale #3: Don is still getting a kick out of this supernatural noir tale.
00:58:10 Saucer Country #1: Paul Cornell brings more oddball goodness to comics.
01:01:24 Avengers: Children’s Crusade #9: Allan Heinberg wraps everything up nicely before we head into AvX.

Cape Town WonderCon Discussion
01:08:52 Our first impressions of the Con Floor.
01:12:20 Don tells the tale of his Stan Lee autograph.
01:18:23 We met Scott Snyder!
01:23:48 Jerry was not bowled over by the panels.
01:27:51 Don discuss Marvel’s ReEvolution and shares his experiences reading the first offering from Marvel Comics Infinite. Get excited kids!
01:35:00 We share stories about the cosplayers we met as well as the fine folks we ran into.
01:45:49 We got to see Superman vs. the Elite! Woot.

Song “Everybody Talks”
Neon Trees

Runtime: 02:02:18

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The Cape Town Community Podcast is a weekly comic book show in which the hosts, Don and Jerry, review and discuss a handful of the comic books released this week as well as chat about comic book related news—such as upcoming movies, television, creative changes on ongoings, new titles, etc. We promise to conduct a fair and constructive discussion on comic books that entertains you on your way to work, at the gym, between classes, or wherever you choose to listen to your comic book podcasts. Welcome to the Cape Town Community!

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