A Podcast with Ross and Nick #123

A Podcast with Ross and Nick

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Kelly Thompson joins Ross Campbell and Nick Marino wanna know: Where do you draw the line and how do you feel about reading or watching or listening to a creator’s work when you don’t agree with the creator as an individual?

We start out by discussing Woody Allen, Brett Ratner, Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, Joss Whedon, David Lynch, and Emma Thompson.

That leads to a conversation about creative success vs. commercial success, with Gary Friedrich, Jack Kirby, and Marvel’s creative legacy at the center of it. Then Kelly relates her own creative vs. commercial conflicts, leading to speculation about perceptions of social constructs vs. what individuals really want to see.

ALSO: Kelly loses it, Frank Miller, the Ross and Nick guro episode, the moral ambiguity of pornography, and phone sex vs. guro art.

PLUS: An in depth talk about Psylocke’s thong. Is there a way to make it work?

AND MORE: Why did Ross hate The Garbage Pail Kids Movie so much? And what was the deal with Rogue after the X-Men went through the Siege Perilous?

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