The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #91-“He Takes It To the Streets. WITH SPELLS!”


The Rev tries to use a pun to create TechJedi a new nickname;
I confuse Rom and Star Wars. We encounter zombie sheep and Top-Knot
Of Doom. Trading portions of collections; jump in to Journey into Mystery;
walk through the literary grandiosity of UnWritten; compare potter fans
to taylor fans; a stretch, i’m sure; we examine terry moore’s
new stuff;I make a fundamental shift in my purchasing habits;
we see some progress on ALL STAR WESTERN; debate the art styles of the
new 52; look at Snyders’ BATMAN! Comparing that to the Non-Detecting
of DETECTIVE; and note theat 90% of the new 52 is the Gotham 52.
The we remind ourselves of the general quiality of the
Elseworld’s stories. Lookng quickly at azzarellos Wonder Woman
we remember we’ve never been disappointed by azz; Examine the afterglow
of nasty batman sex;compare various villain books and how they
can’t last; what physical violence would erupt from losing
your collection? We finish with Jennifer Blood’s last Ennis
issue and the first of the next guy.


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