The Mean Geek-Comics Podcasting on the Edge of Civility-Episode #93-“Big Drinking, Big Shooting, Big Bangin’ SCIENCE GUY!”


We thank Lar DeSouza for our new avatars; Scarlet Spider is a standardized story; wonder about the quality thinning over too many titles for one character; look at DD in the Avengers and his secret ID. The Sinister 6 returns; which is all-around awesome. Look at the interlude with the 24 hours spider-story; look at Tanarus/Thor; quickly think of mythic books being difficult to write, scope wise; not the scale of douches; Look at Iron man with the Mandarin; cover Batman and Robin with ducard and questionable character development; see that bruce has failed parenting 101. Question Damian’s cover up skills. Disappointed by the “miracle” of Batgirls’ implants; examine the batman/labyrinth/owl thing. Catwoman grows on us. Note the pattern of cliffhanger endings there. All Star Western! Look at Action one more time. Go back to Wonder Woman-and are confused. Spaceman, Sinestro; Jla;
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Episode #93


Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 158 – Super Vocab

The Backroom team talk about MAD Magazine, preview Kevin’s wrestling adventures, and take a super vocabulary quiz.

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Comic Book Pitt #86 – Bendis Shoes

A brief conversation about Comic Book Men leads into a discussion about comic book shops and our loyalty to them as customers. After that, Duke declares he is ending his relationship with Brian Michael Bendis despite the fact that Bendis helped Duke buy a new pair of shoes (in a roundabout way) and Dan explores the rumblings that BMB is set to start writing some mutant books after his Avengers run comes to an end.

Books reviewed this episiode: I, Vampire #6, Batman #6, Secret Avengers #23 and Glory #23.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 113


In this special episode I interview writer Thomas Hall of Blacklist Studios. We discuss the current Kickstarter campaign for Robot 13, the international success of the comic, and our love of Greek mythology.

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Comic News Insider Episode 388 – Watching with Lorraine Cink!

Comic News Insider: Episode 388 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Conan The Barbarian Vol 3 #1, Mondo #1, No Place Like Home #1

Jimmy is joined in studio by Marvel’s The Watcher host (and good pal) Lorraine Cink! They discuss her show, the Oscars, UK’s Being Human, JK Rowling’s new book, and Justice League: Doom. News includes: Lots from Image Expo like Brian Wood/Ming Doyle’s MaraPhonogramreturns, The Walking Dead gets their Governor, Moriarity the musical, Happy!, Bedlam, and Jonathan Hickman’s The Manhattan Projects and Secret. Other news: Morgan Spurlock’s Comic-Con Documentary is finally coming, Valiant debuts a talking comic book cover, Alan Ball is leaving True Blood, and a rare comic book collection sells for $3.5 million. Massive apologies for the LOUD pipe banging at the end of the episode. NYC buildings just love doing that at times. As always, listener feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Raging Bullets Episode 296 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 296: Girl Power!: Jim and Sean take a look at some of the cool titles featuring female characters in the DCU. Wonder Woman #6, Catwoman #6, Birds of Prey #6 and Supergirl #6 are discussed. We also chat about listener voicemails from Ed and Silicon Wolf.

4 Episodes to 300 and Knightfall!

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3:05 Catwoman #6

33:15 Birds of Prey #6

55:40 Supergirl #6 and casual chat about growing up with female comics characters

1:29:05 Wonder Woman #6

1:46:45 Voicemails

2:35:30 Our contest and Show Closing : Hawkman by Wednesday Heroes

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The Pull List podcast #216 – FLASH #6 / TMNT #7 / DC Midterm

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0:00:00 – Spoiler warning

0:05:20 – FLASH #6

0:22:33 – The Stacks:
0:22:37 – NEW MUTANTS #38
0:24:37 – DEADPOOL MAX II #5
0:25:15 – RAY #3
0:28:12 – UNCANNY X-FORCE #22
0:29:24 – CHEW #24
0:30:45 – SIXTH GUN #19
0:31:39 – MIGHTY THOR #11
0:35:52 – PROPHET #22
0:38:04 – Top of The Stacks
0:39:20 – Pull Quote

0:41:21 – Six months of the NuDCU

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Indie Comics Episode – February 2012


The indie comic selection for February 2012 is ELMER by Gerry Alanguilan! A wonderful tale about a chicken trying to find his place in the world.

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Pop Media Savant Episode 43: Tech Talk: Apple Rumors and Announcements

This week I go over all the crazy rumor and announcements surrounding Apple and it’s impending release of the Ipad 3 in the coming months. Also I talk about the new upcoming OS X update called Mountain Lion, plus a quick movie review enjoy!

MMM Podcast, Episode 56: Billion Dollar Batman


The Gentlemen continue fielding your questions in the latest podcast and it’s a good thing they did.  Several interesting topics came up including the box office prospects of The Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers, the post-Nolan Batman franchise, the next characters that should get feature film treatment, the viability of Batman: Hush as an animated feature, and more!


Modern Myth Media Podcast

Listen To Jimmy #50 with Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Steve Niles and Amanda Conner

Warning: this episode is 1 hour and 30 minutes and may contain more awesome than some may be able to handle.

This week on Listen to Jimmy we welcome very special guests Justin Gray, Steve Niles and Amanda Conner! Together they all chat about:

-Cooking for a living
-Chin Music
-Simon Dark in the New DCU
-Boobs IN Space
-Zombies Vs. Vampires
-Vasquez Rocks
-Creator Owned Heroes
-Access to variety in comics
-The Oscars
-Wanderlust and Woman in Black
-Amanda beats Jimmy
-Gil the Turtle
-and we tackle some Twitter questions on top of all of this.

Deconstructing Comics #310: Takehiko Inoue’s “Slam Dunk” and “Vagabond”

Slam Dunk/VagabondTakehiko Inoue’s Slam Dunk is easily mistaken for a serious sports manga. Pick it up, though, and you’ll find instead a hilarious ensemble comedy that just happens to involve basketball. Still, the series is credited with basketball’s 90s popularity in Japan, and led Inoue to create several other basketball-related series. But is oeuvre isn’t all hoops; he’s also the creator behind Vagabond, a sometimes-violent but intriguing take on the life of 17th-century historical figure Miyamoto Musashi. Tim and Kumar dig into both series.

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Secret Identity Podcast #406–Spider-Man, Daredevil and Army of Darkness

Download Location of the Week: Montpelier, VT


Amazing Spider-Man #677
Avenging Spider-Man #4
Daredevil #8
Justice League Dark #6
Army of Darkness #1

Out of the Longbox:
Mavel Spotlight On #5–Ghost Rider

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The Next Issue 74: Have you checked your box lately?


In this issue Aitch Greg and Mike are back at it and on time this week.

We start off the show as Aitch talks about the perils of letting your box getting full.

We also talk about Mark Millar and his movies slated for 2013-14, how Wizard World Philadelphia may wind up being a Trekkie convention, and we look at Bendis taking on the X men.

Aitch tells you why Ghost Rider the movie wasted so much potential but how Ryan Reynolds did a good job with Safe House.

Greg tells us about Justice League Doom We also review Princeless, Any Empire, and There’s No Place Like Home

Roundtable- We talk about when to re-evaluate your pull list.

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