Sequential Underground #29

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Sequential Underground
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Two artists with two very different paths… similar passions but opposing pursuits…

Katie Henderson‘s first love was animation. She recounts the desires and experiences that led her to follow her current path, living in Los Angeles and working hard to break into the animation business. While Katie’s done comics in the past (see below, from Stick Cats #8), she doesn’t necessarily feel it’s the medium for her.

Shawn Atkins‘ first love was also animation. He tells of his journey that took him to the animation program at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. And he explains how comics have become his second love, dominating his professional focus and becoming his primary medium (see below, from Time Log #47). He loves the autonomy of creating comics and now he can’t imagine ever stopping.

Join Nick Marino as he cross-examines these two creators, grilling them on their illustration inspirations and goals as cartoonists.

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