Fanboy Buzz – Comic Book Podcast – Episode #070

Fanboy Buzz - Weekly Comic Book Podcast

This episode of the podcast we talk about Atomic Comics being dead, Electing Your President with Boom, Rob Granito Hockey Jersey Funrdaiser and Steve Geppi’s Financial Portfolio is pretty low….. well for a millionaire. In the CCL Pick of the Week we talk about Ultimate Fallout #6, JS will launch another new segment, in Stephen Supports Suck Comics we’ll talk about Spider-Island: Amazing Spider-Girl #1, Jason takes us to the past with Time Sphere, he also gives us an extra special Jason Dyer’s Rapid Fire Review (go easy on the rapid) and in Issue to Issue we’ll talk about Green Lantern Corp 63, Avengers 16 and Incorruptible 21. Finally we’ll wrap it up with some Fanboy Feedback. Please leave us a message at 239-244-2899.

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Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 133 – Greatest American Hero

The Backroom team chat about Spidey Stories, debate the potential of Ghost Rider 2, and discuss the upcoming Jet City Comic Show.

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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 87


In this episode, I answer your stupid questions. They range from comic books, movies, and pet names. Huzzah!

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Completely A FlashPoint #5 Read-A-Long

On this unplugged episode Troy and Will read through FashPoint #5 and talk about its impact on the DC Universe. We also are pleased to share listener feedback! Contact Information: Email us at or search Completely Comics on Facebook. Or leave a voicemail at 641.715.3900 and enter extension 694617# Help out the show by buying any of the mentioned comics via our affiliate link:


Comic News Insider Episode 356 – Movin’ On Up w/ Ben Templesmith!

Comic News Insider: Episode 356 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: The Bionic Man #1, Superman Beyond #0, The Ultimates #1

Ben Templesmith, Jimmy’s future new roommate (in 1 day), sits in the guest co-host chair this episode. They discuss the antics they’ll get up to as roomies and the inevitable blackmail pictures that will follow. Jimmy has a villain named after him in this week’s episode of Warehouse 13. (Thanks to pals and W13 writers Ben Raab & Deric Hughes for that!). News includes: JSA will return to new DCU, Marvel will publish The Destroyers and upgrades Alpha Flight to a full series, Brian Wood’s DC & Marvel work, Deadman TV show in the works at the CW, Showtime picks up The Damned, and Gene Luen Yang does an Avatar: The Last Airbender comic book! As always, Listener Feedback, the Top 3 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love!

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Mayo Report: 2011-07 Comics

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss the sales estimates for the top 300 comic books for July 2011.

Mayo Report articles on Comic Book Resources:

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The New Fourth Wall Comics Podcast #1

A new era for the Fourth Wall has begun. A Fourth Wall re-boot… of sorts. Perhaps the title a certain Irish rock band’s debut album says it best… “Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?”

Let us know what you think of our new number one! E-Mail us at In celebration of our new beginning, random people will be chosen to win free comics!

Show Notes:
The Walking Dead #88 [06:20]

Punisher Max #16 (the “Frank” arc) [20:50]

Detective Comics #871-881 [32:50]

Shattercast 29 – Penis Penis Penis Penis

It’s a sexy Shattercast this month!  Jake and Gav get into cosplay massage and a flip out over penises in Archie’s boardroom.  They also question what The Bard was smoking and take a quick look at the controversy over the fact that Spidey now comes in a variety of colours.


The article on cosplay massage that got the ball rolling.

Adrianne Curry’s controversial costume.

Scientist want to dig up Shakespeare.

Penis penis penis penis. (SFW)


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Panel Discussions #0016 – I, Fialkov!

Special thanks go out this week to Joshua Hale Fialkov, who joined me last-minute for an interview after Jonathan and I started talking at-length about Fialkov’s upcoming I, Vampire relaunch for DC. His enthusiasm, energy and humor made him instantly one of my favorite guests, and I’ll be rooting for this title even more now.

As Josh knows, I had some…technical difficulties (regular listeners will know this is not uncommon), and as a result the audio between Jonathan and me is pretty iffy. I personally think it’s listenable if you’re interested in what we’re saying, but listeners who want to skip it can jump forward to the 49:30 point to hear some words from our friends at Cloud City Comics & Toys, followed by the Fialkov interview.

Handy note to my fellow podcasters: Never trust Google Voice to record your conversation.

Our intro music this week is from “Peg O’ My Heart” by The Dropkick Murphys and Bruce Springsteen; our closing song is The Spin Doctors’s “Vampires in the Sun.”

Suck on that, Andrew Bennett.


Links of interest:

Joshua Hale Fialkov’s website and Twitter page

I, Vampire‘s site at DC’s New 52 homepage

Download Peg O’ My Heart or Vampires in the Sun on Amazon

Modern Myth Media: Episode 25 – Spiderman (2002) Roundtable

We ran out of superhero movies released in 2011, so now it’s time to go back and explore the genre’s previous entries.  This week, The Gentlemen offer their roundtable discussion of Sam Raimi’s 2002 film, Spider-Man.



Fight For Comics – Episode #109 – Pile of Shame

Fight For Comics 109

The Wednesday Warriors discuss what they have been reading in their pile of shame.

Books discussed:

Geoff Johns Flash, New Avengers the Reunion, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, American Splendor, JSA, The Great Ten, Oishinbo and Marvel’s Ultimate line.

Trivia Contest: Ultimatum #1-5 signed by Jeph Loeb and issue #5 signed by Jeph Loeb and David Finch.

Ultimatum #1Ultimatum #2Ultimatum #3Ultimatum #4 Ultimatum #5

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**fight for comics is a podcast for everyone counting down the days every week until Wednesday when the new comics hit the stands. With discussions about what’s going on in the industry, reviews of current and older comics, and a wide variety of opinions from well-read fans. More information can be found @

Episode 27 — July 1972

Ah, July 1972.  A time for heat, fireworks, groovy tunes and, of course, Superman comics!  In today’s episode, we have an email, Superman turning into a Captain Marvel wannabe, Clark Kent’s adventure in babysitting, Superman vs. Superman? and Metamorpho!  All that, plus ads and we see what else was published this month.  Not bad for 1 episode, eh?

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Deconstructing Comics #292: Women’s Issues

women's issues

At a panel at San Diego Comicon last month, Dan DiDio (bottom picture at left) caused a stir by seeming belligerent when a fan asked why the DC reboot included fewer female creators — even fewer than had worked on for DC pre-reboot. DiDio seemed to think there were hardly any female comics creators he could consider. Hear it here

Jake Ekiss was probably not alone in expressing disapproval of this sentiment — in this case, on Twitter. So Tim invited him to come on the podcast and discuss it here. (Jake’s comic is Solomon Azua.)

Joining Tim and Jake is one of those female comics creators the mainstream isn’t hiring, EK Weaver, creator of the Web comic The Less than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal (that’s Amal in the top picture at left). We discuss why women are so much further out of the comics mainstream in the US than they are in, oh say, Japan.

Also this week, Tim’s former day-job office mate Cassey, now based in Anchorage, joins Tim to discuss Bryan Lee O’Malley’s pre-Scott Pilgrim work Lost at Sea, the coming-of-age story of 18-year-old Raleigh (middle picture).

Deconstructing Comics site

Follow Tim on Twitter | Facebook group

Weekly Comics Spotlight #210: 2011-08-17

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss GREEN LANTERN CORPS #63 by DC, X-MEN: SCHISM #3 by Marvel and ONE #5 by GG STUDIO.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
10:35 Marvel: X-MEN: SCHISM #3
26:38 Other: ONE #5 [GG STUDIO]
47:11 General discussion
50:46 Next Week Promo
50:58 Wrap up
51:28 End of episode.

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Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 030 – “’Kick-Ass 2’ Inspires Potty Mouths”

Well we get down and dirty in an extra-sized episode this week—but we cleaned the show up seamlessly if you’re not interested in listening to a show filled with vulgar obscenities! So listen on as we review the week’s books, take Marvel to task for charging $3.99 for what is essentially a 20-page book and DC for not getting Batman Incorporated out on time, and discuss our lowest of low television habits.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:11:08 The Ultimates #1: From the script to the art, there are no complaints about this book. However, the price point has us concerned.
00:17:56 Wolverine #14: Wow—Jason Aaron has rocked Logan to his core in this amazing issue.
00:25:20 Bionic Man #1: Don and Jerry are totally split on this reimagining of the classic 70’s television series.
00:30:38 Kick-Ass 2 #3: We think Mark Millar goes a tad overboard with the vulgarity in this issue.
00:35:44 Batman: Gates of Gotham #5: We enjoyed the conclusion to Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins quality Batman mini.
00:40:09 American Vampire #18: Don enjoyed everything about one of his new favorite tites.
00:45:02 Captain America & Bucky #2: More comic books need action set atop a train!
00:50:03 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1: Why so serious?
00:54:27 Batman Incorporated #8: We got a kick out of this inventive Grant Morrison book—now where’s the rest of the books we were promised?
00:58:40 Wonder Woman #614: While the overall  story was satisfactory, it fell short of expectations for Don.
01:03:44 Avengelyne #2: We promised that we’d give the book a second try. And we did.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:10:49 Disney lets go of Marvel Studios Marketing Department.
01:12:41 DC confirms that James Robinson and Nicola Scott are working on a JSA book.
01:17:46 The CW is looking to adapting a Deadman series.
01:20:45 The first issue of Justice League tops 200K, while another six top 100K.

Cape Town Updates:
01:27:48 We give as much as we now about Wizard World LA and our upcoming DC New 52 episode.

Song “Muppet Show Theme Song”

Runtime: 01:37:20