The Next Issue: Interview with Jim Rugg

For this special edition of the show, Mike sat down with the creators of Afrodisiac and Street Angel: Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. They talk about Mr. Ed, Marvel Comics, what it’s like to write as a duo, art process, and what small press means to the industry. Jokes are cracked, philosophy is waxed, and […]

AudioShocker Podcast #180.5 – DC Comics Reboot

Listen to AudioShocker Podcast #180.5 right now: MOCK TURTLENECKS? Good lord why!?!?! Nick calls out DC Comics and Jim Lee for their fashion-backward Justice League redesigns. Put that in your Project : Rooftop and smoke it, fanboys!!! ALSO: More on the DC Comics September reboot. Fifty #1 issues? Really? Mad Eater Lad #1? SERIOUSLY??? […]

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Liar’s Kiss (Top Shelf)

This month for the Top Shelf selection, I give you Liar’s Kiss by Eric Skillman and Jhomar Soriano. Sex, crime, and revenge; a great comic for the noir lovers!

Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 195 The Mammorial Day Special!

No that’s not a typo, the world’s most absurd comic book podcast celebrates America’s fighting men with mammaries!  Awesome.  Also included: Mike pop quizzes Ryan on all things coital, shocking revelations about Mr. Bloodhound, and why you can no longer call Fluffy your pet.  We also dissect public statements by Dave Finch, Tom Brevoort, Mark […]

Secret Identity Podcast Issue #340–Supernatural and Steve Scott

Topics Covered in This Issue: Movies / TV News Star Wars live-action show already filmed Star Trek 2 could be delayed World War Z to begin shooting soon Candyland movie could be epic Boob Tube / Big Screen Blitzkrieg: Dr. Who Supernatural Simpsons Bob’s Burgers All-Star Superman Summer Watching Project: Twin Peaks: Rest in Pain […]

The Whole World’s a Stage (Or Screen)

This week, Russ can’t find a co-host but wishes all those still listening a Happy Memorial Day. There are two interviews, one of which is with the cast of Galactic Girl in: Attack of the Starbarians, a stage play being performed June 11th (9pm), 12th (4pm), 15th (7pm) and 30th (9pm) at the Brick Theater […]

V for Vertigo, Episode 105: We Have Heart

This is a short episode this week, but I do cover a lot of ground like the UFC, Majesty, organic food, and culture differences. Listen as my voice gets progressively worse throughout the episode. There was a lot of editing done. I soldier through and cover The Vinyl Underground: Watching the Detectives (Si Spencer, Simon […]

A Podcast with Ross and Nick #103

Listen to A Podcast with Ross and Nick #103 right now! EXTREME #34-35! with X-Men ( Season 3, Episode 34 ) and X-Men ( Season 3, Episode 35 ). PLUS: Mega screen caps: One – Two – Three – Four – Five. Then Ross and Nick talk about working from home and clogging toilets. SPECIAL […]

Burnt Weiners Episode 074 Strange Tales #1 – Savage Sword #2

    Unable to fulfill his blood oath to the Weiners, Weed is unable to join the discussion this week, but have no fear, Corey is here! No wait, scratch that, be afraid, be very afraid! Weiners still manage to talk about a crap ton of comics! Into and Outro music: I Fight Dragons – […]

Deconstructing Comics #279: Do your comics skills match your ambitions?

Just starting your comics career? Got a story to tell? Are you starting big — maybe too big? Or are you starting really, really small — say, a comic about guys who like to get small? Tim and Mulele discuss comics from listeners that go to these extremes: City of Walls v. 1 by Shaun […]

Weekly Comics Spotlight #197: 2011-05-18

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM #1 by DC, ALPHA FLIGHT #0.1 by Marvel and BREED III #1 by IMAGE COMICS. Time Codes: 00:00 Intro 00:44 DC: BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM #1 07:26 Marvel: ALPHA FLIGHT #0.1 13:36 Other: BREED III #1 [IMAGE COMICS] 20:24 General discussion 53:18 Next Week Promo […]

Cape Town Community Podcast – Ep. 019 – “No Mo’ Mogo”

Jerry is on a peace seeking mission in a far off galaxy this week, but will return to our airwaves next week. Max Beckman is filling in for out nineteenth episode in which we spend much of our times discussing this week’s “War of the Green Lantern” books, Nick Spencer “Fear Itself” crossovers, and Wolverine […]

Cammy’s Comic Corner – Episode 168 (5/29/11)

Third week in a row where no comic has been Pick Of The Week worthy. I commit seppuku to show you how truly sorry I am. Fast Five picks include Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #10 (DC), Super Dinosaur #2 (Image), American Vampire #15 (Vertigo), FF #4 (Marvel), and Detective Comics #877 (DC). This episode has […]

Randumb Idiocy: A conversation with Chris Roberson

  Superman writer Chris Roberson is my guest this week and we compare comic writers to furries, his work on Stan Lee’s Starborn and how he was chosen to take over Superman for JMS. Follow Chris on twitter Find Chris on the interweb Follow me on Twitter Email the show @ Play in […]

Randumb Idiocy: A conversation with Brendan Bradley

  Creator and star of the award winning web series Squatters, Brendan Bradley, makes a return to the show this week. We discuss the webseries Jeff and Ravi Fail History, Squatters and I reveal that I know a little to much about the adult film industry. To donate for Team Jaxon and Walk for Autism […]