HeroesCon 2010: Defective Comics: A Celebration of Superhero Oddness

Let’s face it: superheroes can be kinda dopey.  For every cultural icon like Superman or Spider-Man, there’s five thousand off-beat B-listers (Bwana Beast? Sonny Sumo? Razorback?) lining up to die in the next big crossover event.  For HeroesCon 2010, (Eisnor nominated) Amelia Eahart: This Broad Ocean cartoonist, Ben Towle, and Thought Balloonist blogger, Craig Fischer, host a lovingly critical look at just how bizarre the superhero genre can be.

Podcast Link: http://www.thedollarbin.net/shows/heroescon-2010-defective-comics-a-celebration-of-superhero-o-1.html

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