Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 177 Just The Fist Marvel!

In which our hosts Mike and Ryan peruse “Vision Quest” the novel and discover what we already knew from watching the film – it’s thinly disguised gay porn. We also cover a huge news week including the Walking Dead Season One DVD package, the death of Wizard’s print magazine, the rebirth of Ally McWonderwoman which really ought to be Ally McManhunter, (I’m thinking Marc Andreyko would take the job, folks, just sayin’) the death of an indeterminate number of Fantastic Four members (don’t pick up a newspaper and ruin it for yourself) good riddance to the Comics Code Authority, a full exclusive translation of JH Williams’ blog explanation re Batwoman’s timetable, and Anne Hathaway about to wreak “Havoc” on the next Dark Knight picture?  Holy Chockatoleez, I got tired just typing that!

We also outline a strategy of guerilla comics buying just crazy enough to kill the $3.99 price point!  We are Chronic Insomnia, the comics podcast Alan Moore says he has “never heard of.”  Which coming from him counts as a rousing endorsement, I would think.

After you’re through with that, go check out Where Monsters Dwell, your 2010 Barry Award winner for Best Spoken Word Program.  Also check out our blog and our half-finished website.

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