Two True Freaks! Episode 157 – The Dark Knight Before Christmas Commentary Special!


In a special Christmas present to their listeners Scott and Chris extend the warmest of holiday spirit in this…oh, come on, who am I fooling? Basically, this podcast is the audio equivilant of the Freaks beating Christopher Nolan to within an inch of his life in a back alley. Then they tell Morgan Freeman that there is no Santa Clause while stabbing Michael Caine with a sharpened candy cane. And Bale…. oh, Bale, the Freaks have stuff planned for YOU that decency dictates can’t be put up in this public forum, just know that it concerns a Christmas tree and a certain Dark Orifice. Ho Ho Ho! WARNING- This episode is NOT FOR THE KIDDIES (or people who take their crappy Dark Knight movies seriously). This audio commentary is 2 1/2 hours of savage mocking and ruthless griping by two podcasters with Tourette’s Syndrome.


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