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Yearly Comics Spotlight #004: 2010

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss their favorite comics of 2010.

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Secret Identity Podcast Issue #297–Time Bomb, Cyclops and Muhammad Ali

Topics Covered In This Issue:

Download Location of the Week:  Whitewater, KS
What’s New at
Time Bomb #3
Batman and Robin #17
Cyclops #1
Legion of Super Heroes #8
New Avengers #7
Out of the Longbox:
Superman vs. Muhammad Ali
Listener Feedback
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Exploring The Multiverse – Ep51 – 2010 A Year In Review

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Exploring The Multiverse takes a look back at 2010 and what it meant to us. What were the top movies, games, tv shows, and of course, comics. Give us your thoughts on 2010 by commenting on our forums, facebook page, twitter, and email.

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Wednesday Warriors – Episode #78 – The Great Christmas Debate

Episode 78

You asked the questions and we have the answers.  In this weeks exciting episode the Warriors debate a variety of topics sent to us by listeners. They answer questions such as who would win between Superman/Sentry? Who is the hottest superhero? Who are the essential X-Men? All these questions and more are answered in the great christmas wednesday warrior debate.

Books Reviewed:

Detective Comics#871 (DC Comics)
Written by Scott Snyder; Art by Jock (Mark Simpson)

Avengers – The Children’s Crusade #3(Marvel Comics)
Written by Allan Heinberg; Art by Jim Cheung

Batwoman #0 (DC Comics)
Written by J H Williams III; Art by J H Williams III,Amy Reeder

Amazing Spiderman (Marvel Comics)
Written by Joe Kelly; Art by Michael Lark,Stefano Gaudiano

Unknown Soldier (Vertigo Comics)
Written by Joshua Dysart; Art by Alberto Ponticelli

Batman & Robin (Fantagraphics)
Written by Grant Morrison; Art byFrank Quitely

All Star Superman(Marvel Comics)
Written by Grant Morrison; Art by Frank Quitely, Frazer Irving, Andy Clarke, Cameron Stewart

Pounded(Oni Press)
Written by Brian Wood ; Art by Steve Rolston

The Sixth Gun(Oni Press)
Written by Cullen Bunn; Art by Brian Hurtt

Trivia Contest: Criminal – The sinners #1- #5 signed by Ed Brubaker

An Iron man Skimask

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**Wednesday Warriors is a podcast for everyone counting down the days every week until Wednesday when the new comics hit the stands. With discussions about what’s going on in the industry, reviews of current and older comics, and a wide variety of opinions from well-read fans. More information can be found @

Exploring The Multiverse – Ep50 – We Made It To 50 Episodes!

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Exploring The Multiverse has turned 50! Woot Woot! We decided to look back on the comic world by reviewing Action Comics #1 and by reminiscing about old ETM episodes. LOTS of good laughs in this one. Make sure to watch for the facebook contest rules! What a great time filming this one.

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Comic Tube Episode 65: Rebirth


In this Uncut, UnEdited and UnCensored episode and unrelated to Green Lantern Rebirth — Leroy Vikkii and John are back together again in this Reboot episode as they go over their origins, answer some forum questions and talk a lot about stuff. 

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Superman Fan Podcast Episode #159: Superman In 2010: The Year In Review!


This is the third year in review episode. I discuss the NEW KRYPTON storyline that wrapped up, and the GROUNDED plot that began this year. Also highlighted were the mini-series SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN and SUPERMAN: LAST FAMILY OF KRYPTON.

Then I share what’s in the plans for the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST for 2011.

And I give my vote for the best Superman story of the year.


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Thanks for listening to the SUPERMAN FAN PODCAST and, as always, thanks to Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

Backroom Comics Podcast Episode 99 – Obsessed With Marvel

The Backroom Comics team answers some trivia about Marvel, review some #1’s issues, and discuss the latest media news.

Questions? Comments? Stop by the Backroom Comics Podcast website.

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Killyrcomics Podcast Episode 62

Killyrcomics Podcast Episode 62

Episode 62.  Matt is MIA so Don barrages us with Punisher, Wolverine, and Uncanny X-Force reviews.  Drew finishes up his Eerie collection to go along with Creepy a couple of episodes ago.  Also, Drew finishes up the final trade of Planetary and Don tries to remember back to when he read it.  Batman RIP ends with a bang and flashback reviews includes the next chapter in the Long Halloween and John Byrne’s take on Namor the Sub-Mariner from the early nineties.


Podcast: Episode 62

Raging Bullets Episode 237 : A DC Comics Fan Podcast

Episode 237: Final show of 2010. On this episode, we kick off by chatting about a variety of comics: Justice Society of America 45, JSA All Stars 13, Legion of Super-Heroes 8, Adventure Comics 521, and a casual chat about our thoughts on First Wave, so far.

We also chat the villain side of DC Universe Online, PVP, digital comics and more. Plus Jim calls in from Vegas.

Check out our new contest running until January 31st 2011, details on this episode with more to come this week on the show web site.

Remember, we will be at C2E2 to celebrate our 5th Anniversary. Http://

Show Notes:

0:00 Show opening,,,, our ongoing contest (,,, , show voicemail line 1-440-388-4434 or drnorge on Skype,and more.

5:05 Legion of Super-Heroes 8, Adventure Comics 521, First Wave

1:34:00 Justice Society of America 45, JSA All Stars 13

2:27:50 DC News, DC Universe Online Villain side, PVP, digital comics and more

2:58:40 Jim from Vegas

3:02:35 Show Closing (Hawkman song by friends of the show “Wednesday Heroes”)

We’ll be back next week with our next episode. Check and the forum for regular updates.


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Cammy’s Comic Corner – Geeky Talky – Episode 47


In this special episode, I’m joined by Art & Freddie (The Fourth Wall Comics Podcast) to discuss the best writers, artists, series, and much much more of 2010.


CNI 310 – Snowblivion

Reviews: Joe Hills The Cape One Shot, Cyclops #1, Magus #1. Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

The snow gods dropped their load on NYC but Jimmy and Joe are still here transmitting from the CNI igloo. It’s almost a new year so we’re going out with a bang! Okay, maybe a whimper but it’s the most awesome whimper you will ever hear! The boys talk about their Christmas and all the swag they got. Still time to send presents if you want! Joe has an important announcement to make near the end of the show so tune in! The future of CNI depends on it! News includes: Dark Horse Presents returns, Primeval also returns, SDCC scalpers get busted, Bone gets color, and more! Listener feedback and more!

WMD 125 with Conor McCreery

This week on WMD we welcome the writing team of Kill Shakespeare. We’ll be chatting with them about their book, where it’s going and where it’s been, reaction from Shakespeare fanatics and the possibility of a Kill Shakespeare movie. If you have a question for these Canadian creators, be sure to call in live or post your query on our Facebook wall.

Also: New Comics Day, Opening Night and the Lightning Round.