Sidekickcast Episode #49 – It’s All Math!

Sidekickcast Episode #49 - It's all Math!

Recorded before the Sidekicks on Tour hit London for the MCM Expo, regular Sidekickcast hosts Dan and Gavin kick back with a couple of beers and some whiskey chasers for an unhinged episode. To start the show we hit Dark Knight Rises moving swiftly on to the questionable 3-D sound(?), Mark Millar’s London Comic Con and finishing with some comic book crack dealing.

For review in Stack Attack this week Tron: The Betrayal #1, Knight and Squire #1, New Avengers #5, Superior #1, Uncanny X-Force #1 and Shadowland #4.

Secrets and Lies
; the comic book news quiz with a twist is getting close, can Gavin fend off another attack from the man they call Marshall? DMZ is this week’s Dig This! choice courtesy of one of our favourite Sidekicks, Triv. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the usual brand of cock-ups and out-takes.

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