Sidekickcast Episode #48 – StormTrooper Sex Games

Sidekickcast Episode #48 - StormTrooper Sex Games

Join the Sidekicks Gavin and Dan as they trip through another 80’s cartoon discussion, Star Wars 3D, Wednesday comic deliveries, London MCM Expo, Thought Bubble and Idris Elba.

For review this Stack Attack we have CLiNT #2, Avengers #5, Left 4 Dead: The Sacrifice #1, X-23 #1, Nemesis #2-3 and CBGB OMFUG #1-2.

Secrets and Lies this week is brought to you by misdirection and subterfuge, he never saw it coming! Dan continues with his latest Knowing Me, Knowing You selection with Scott Pilgrim vol.2. Don’t forget to listen past the outro music for the now world famous* Sidekickcast out-takes.

*Not true in the slightest

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