Chronic Insomnia – Issue # 162 The Optimism Episode?

It’s another spectacular edition of Chronic Insomnia with regular host Mike & Ryan plus special guest Metro Mike – now with 10% more blasphemy!  All that and Ryan gets his drinky on.  Will Ryan finally be able to marry his clone?  We talk all about that in our discussion of Gay Marriage.  Yeah Baby!

It’s New York Comic Con time, and we’re intensely jealous that the Where Monsters Dwell and Comic Tube guys went there without us.  The good news is that good news coming out of that con was so astronomically good, we might all be enjoying the reverberations for years!  DC reduces all regular books to $2.99 and Marvel follows suit…sort of.  If that’s not enough, Marvel brass is talking about contracting their monster glut, and for the first time in…..EVER the Chronic Crew is advocating warm fuzzies and optimism about the future of funnny books.  Dark Horse announces an exclusive download offer through your local comic shop?  We don’t get it either, but it sounds like a capital idea.  Plus, up and comer Nick Spencer is going to be a very busy man.

Can the Transformers Animated Almanacs pull Ryan out of his Transformers Prequel hell?  Find out in Market Spotlight?  Plus, we’ll go over all the books you should have bought last week, all the book you should be buying this week, and more filth, blarney, and sacrilege than you can shake a Shake Weight at.  And that’s a lot.

Check out our good friends from Canada Remy, Mike and Red Shirt on Where Monsters Dwell.  They are so much better than us it’s a little embarassing to be pimping them, but we love them so it’s all good.  Look forward to next weeks show when Ryan gets struck by lightning again.   We also have a blog you might want to check out here, it’s really damn good.  As always, we love the all of you.

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