CNI 189 – Charlie Adlard (Walking Dead) Part2

Reviews: Caped #1, The Muppet Show Comic Book #1, The Incredibles #1 It’s part 2 of our interview with Charlie Adlard, the artist of The Walking Dead. More great zombie stuff and more on his rock star status. News includes more Spidey musical details, Spidey makes a boy happy in his pants, Marvel Studios writer’s […]

Comic Tube One Year Later Part 1

It’s One Year Later! Leroy and Brad reflect on how the show has been for them over the past year, and have random conversations with friends! 0:00 – Show Opening/Chatting 21:20 – Call In Time – Lorrie Thomas of CBRS/DaFixersHideout/PAD – John Akle sometimes Co-Host of Comic Tube – First ever “comic book” discussion about […]

The Next Issue# 11: ShamWow, Menace and More

Aitch Kev and Greg have a good chuckle at the ShamWow arrest, debate  the merits of OnLive gaming console coming in the fall and whether or not it will change gaming as we know it. Kev sez, “NO!” Aitch and Kev give a 1st Impression of Resident Evil 5  and Legends of Wrestlemania after which […]

Issue # 86 Who’s The Pimp?

The quest for a comics podcasting Eisner award continues with a hard-hitting discussion of unscheduled bathroom breaks, conjoined twins revisited, and what NOT to do with a new baby and a Wonder Bread bag.  Plus:  Ryan delivers a special Easter treat and explains why Jesus was a little more gangsta then your Sunday School teacher […]

Previews Spotlight Interviews #017: 2009-03

John Mayo and Bob Bretall talk with various creators with items in the March 2009 Previews catalog. Interview: Batton Lash (writer) – Archie: The Freshmen Years (Archie Comics) Interview: Jeff Lemire (writer/artist) – The Nobody GN (DC Comics) Interview: Dave Gutierrez (artist) – Billboards HC (IDW) Comic Book Page links: Forum: Facebook Group: […]

Too Old to Grow Up! – Episode 55 – The Changing Page of Comics

If there is one constant, it’s that everything changes, and the comic industry is not immune to that.  It doesn’t matter if it’s online ordering or local shop, paper or digital, indy or mainstream, there are more choices than ever when it comes to collecting and reading comic books.  We take a look at the […]

Robot Sweatshop – Episode 21: The Pop Culture Gauntlet

In this new episode of Robot Sweatshop, Dan and Chris discuss pretty much all things pop culture: music (The Gaslight Anthem, The Killers), video games (OnLive, Street Fighter 4, Pikmin for Wii), TV (Mystery Science Theater 3000, Cinematic Titanic), and comics (Batman: Battle for the Cowl). If it’s nerdy and niche, we talk about it […]

Awesomed By Comics Podcast, Episode #40

We are extremely excited to announce that this episode of Awesomed By Comics is sponsored by an official exclusive preview from DC Comics that YOU DO WANT TO MISS. Landridge’s Muppet Show charms, Abnett and Lanning deliver across the cosmic board, and Ubu Bubu wraps up with what is easily the most enterprising use of […]

Comic Couch Episode 41

WARNING! WE ARE A SPOILER HEAVY SHOW! This is our BSG wrap up/Old Man Logan catch up episode. Also we review The Incredibles #1 and Darkhawk: War of Kings #2. In our discussions we are highly offensive to any and all religions, so if you are sensitive to this type of material…get over it. You […]

Weekly Comics Spotlight #084: 2009-03-18

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss AZRAEL DEATHS DARK KNIGHT #1 by DC, WOLVERINE #71 by Marvel and INVINCIBLE #60 by IMAGE COMICS. Time Codes: 00:00 Intro 00:44 DC: AZRAEL DEATHS DARK KNIGHT #1 11:16 Marvel: WOLVERINE #71 26:09 Other: INVINCIBLE #60 [IMAGE COMICS] 46:28 General discussion 52:43 Next Week Promo 52:55 Wrap up 53:25 […]

Comics Radar 049 – Obligatory Watchmen Episode

Go Listen Now. Or this guy will shoot you.

Another Marvel dominated week in comics! Pick of the week goes to Garth Ennis and Peter Snejbjerg’s Battlefields: Dear Billy #3 (Dynamite).  Fast Five picks include Guardians Of The Galaxy #12 (Marvel), Thunderbolts #130 (Marvel), The Umbrella Academy: Dallas #5 (Dark Horse), Nova #23 (Marvel), and X-Force / Cable: Messiah War (Marvel). Special Cammy’s Comic […]

CNI 188 – One Shot! A farewell to Battlestar Galactica

We say good-bye to one of our favorite shows, Battlestar Galactica. The series finale of the re-imagined series aired last Friday so we gather a round table of friends to mourn, remember and celebrate. Fellow fans Abby Marcus and Qui Nguyen are in studio with us, and Kim Lay joins us via Skype. We discuss […]

Catch Da Craze TV Episode #134 Creator Shawnti Therrien

  Live at the Big Apple Comic Con, field reporter Michele St Martin caught up with CAG member and comic creator Shawnti Therrien. Talk about it HERE. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (30.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Catch Da Craze TV Episode #133 Comic Creator Everett Soares

  Live at the Big Apple Comic Con with Sky Pirates creator Everett Soares. Field reporter Michele St Martin gets the scoop here on Catch Da Craze TV.  TALK ABOUT THE SHOW HERE Podcast: Play in new window | Download (34.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS