Marvel Noise Episode 7

Daredevil Annual #1After the rundown of this week’s new Marvel releases and the Pick of the Week, there are some comments on Daredevil #101, She-Hulk #22, X-Men #204, Black Panther #31, Avengers Classic #4, and Cable & Deadpool #43.

The creative teams for the upcoming Cable and X-Force series are covered and did someone say… Dazzler?!?!. It’s Mutant Mania! And Messiah Complex is only mentioned a few times. Maybe.

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Mayo Report: 2007-09 Trades

John Mayo and Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast discuss the sales estimates for the top 100 graphic novels and collected editions for September 2007.

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Comic Timing – Episode 49

Episode 49! Superman Doomsday! Brent Kossina, John Mayo, Ian Levenstein! Timing Comics! New Frontier! Exclamation points!

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CNI 112 – 2007 Halloween Special

Marvel Zombies 2 #1, XXXombies #1, Proof #1, Neozoic #1

It’s our annual Halloween special! There’s no Great Pumpkin, but we got lots of other special guests. The Meanies (Iz & Rich) join us in studio from Wales along with a live audience. Blair Butler (G4TV) joins in the fun to discuss Halloween costumes, Heroes and scary movies. We also have web comic wonderkid, Jenny Romanchuk (The Zombie Hunters) on to tell us all about her zombielicious web comic!


Just Another Fanboy – Episode 57


This week Steeven goes solo, talks comics, plays a song, and talks movies.

So come on in and hear Steeven review Thirteen Steps #1 from Desperado, The Umbrella Academy #1 from Dark Horse, Madman Atomic Comics #4 from Image Comics, and Parade (with fireworks) #1 from Image Comics.

In Steeven’s Out of the Box Comic Review you’ll hear his thoughts on Image Comic’s Pitt, numbers 1-8 from way back in 1993.

Plus Transformers and the Superman Doomsday DVD.

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Variant Edition Tuesday October 30 2007

Variant Edition Tuesday for October 30 2007

It’s Halloween and we’re in the woods for an extra sized Variant Edition Tuesday. We’ve got the 5 minutes you need to spend before you step into the comic book shop this week: the best books hitting the stands and the latest headlines.

I Am Legend looks to hit big and IDW is capitalizing with a reprint and Green Lantern and Flash may be the next to hit the big screen.
Our Pick of the Week: X-Men Messiah Complex #1
Plus we’ve also got a special Halloween inspired look at Horror comics.

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Quiet! Panelologists At Work – Episode 30

“The true antidote to the average comic book podcast”

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The podcast reaches thirty and Rob Liefeld reaches forty, so we celebrate by looking over some solicitations and launch our new game show ‘Name That Lee’.

Matt has read Dynamo 5 and Jon convinces him to drop one of his ongoing titles.

Spoiler for the name of the Incredible Hulk title premiering in January in the last 5 minutes of the show.

Additional music by The Bamboos



KomicsKast – #89 – Presenting Public Domain Comic Book Theatre

This audio presentation featured the voice talents of:

Shawn Williams as the Narrator

Jamie Fickes as Roger Rodgers

Scott Cederlund as Frankenstein

The other characters were voiced by:

Scott Cederlund

Jamie Fickes

Jason Meadows

Ruston Meck

Bruce Rosenberger

Shawn Williams

Brian Wood

Original Music and sound effects by Stephen Prescott

Audio Adaptation by Bruce Rosenberger

Based on the original comic book story, The Swamp Spirit, by Dick Briefer. Originally presented in Frankenstein Comics issue 16 by Prize Comics.

Concept for the project by TMD

2nd Unit Direction: Shawn Williams

3rd Unit Direction: Scott Cederlund

Direction and Final Edit: Bruce Rosenberger

Frankenstein and the Swamp Spirit

Alternate Reality – Episode 69

Alternate Reality - Episode 69

Alternate Reality – Episode #69

Top Five of the Week:

1. Fear Agent Last Goodbye #4
2. Gotham Underground #1
3. Tales of the Sinestro Corps Superman Prime #1
4. Teen Titans #52
5. Superman #669

Other Books We Read This Week:

Green Arrow Year One #6
She-Hulk #22
Ultimate Spider-Man #115
Action Comics #857
Countdown 27

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Around Comics Ep. 146 – Halloween Spooktacular II

This week we celebrate Halloween with a dramatic reading of a classic EC Tales From the Crypt tale. We get you ready for the week ahead with new single issue, collected edition and DVD releases. Tom Katers is back as the Answer Man and Darksied reads your e-mails. Regular segments include Jeremy Mullins on Web comics, John Mayo goes over the top 300 and Will Pfeifer talks new and old DVDs. All that and more!


02:17 – Longbox Theatre Presents: Voodoo Death

12:16 – New Releases

20:06 – Web Comics

22:42 – Letters from the Darksied

28:00 – Pfeifer on DVDs

30:25 – Answer Man

37:55 – John Mayo on Sales and Market Trends

41:29 – Back to the Future Rap

46:58 – Manga Recommendations

51:16 – 24 Hour Comic Book Day

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Comics Radar Special – Playing for Keeps Preview

PFK coverHey guys,
John here. I have almost no voice. So instead of my normal podcast, I’m taking the opportunity to let Mur Lafferty tell you about her new Podiobook, Playing for Keeps. She’s been hinting at it for a long time on her two podcasts, Geek Fu Action Grip and I Should Be Writing. AND it’s about superheroes, so I’ve been looking forward to it for while.
Give a listen, then head over to the Playing for Keeps Website and subscribe, when it launches on November 1.

Comic Addiction – Episode 14

New Sponsor –, the online presence of Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find and Heroes Convention 2008

Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find will be hosting a signing for author Steve Saffel and his new book:

Let’s dive into this week’s list of first issues for ongoing series as well as miniseries. There more be other first issues that I have missed, if you know of one be sure to email me at or post something over at the forum at

BIFF BAM POW #1, $2.95
Publisher: Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics

Crime Bible The Five Lessons Of Blood #1, $2.99
Publisher: DC

Deadworld Frozen Over #1, $3.99
Publisher: Desperado Publishing

Midnighter Armageddon #1, $2.99
Publisher: DC/Wildstorm

Necromancer Pilot Season #1, $2.99
Publisher: Image/Top Cow

Special Forces #1, $2.99
Publisher: Image

Chris reviews:

Proof #1
Manufacturer / Publisher: Image
Writer: Alex Grecian
Artist: Riley Rossmo

Kong King Of Skull Island #0
Manufacturer / Publisher: Markosia
Writer: Chuck Satterlee
Artist: Dan O’Connor

The music from this episode is from Paul’s band – Old Man! You can listen to more of Old Man’s music over at their web site:

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Back Issue Spotlight #002: Hard Traveling Heroes

John Mayo and Bob Bretall talk about the Green Lantern/Green Arrow Hard Traveling Heroes storyline. Bob also discusses some of his recent back issue purchases and he and John discuss some online back issue dealers.

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:36 Recent back issue purchases

03:24 Online Back Issue Stores




18:39 Hard Traveling Heroes

44:39 Wrap up

45:09 End of episode.


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Kryptographik : Episode 18

Kryptographik is a trans-continental podcast featuring Brian (in the U.S.) and Damian (in Australia), providing news, reviews, and commentary regarding science-fiction, dark fantasy and horror, in and out of comics.

In our Halloween podcast, we turn tradition on it’s head and (along with some friends) bring the treats to you.

In this episode, We have an audio comment from Aaron, host of the Sci-Fi Dig Podcast, a review of Eric Red’s Containment from KomicsKast’s Jon Hook, and a review of Marvel Zombies from the Comic Timing / BK Bullets / Geeks Unite podcasting crew (along with our rebuttal).

We also discuss our Halloween traditions, our ongoing costume contest, what we call our listeners, changes to the show’s format, and our multimedia portal (with movie trailers and video interviews) at

We close out this episode interviewing author Robert Devereaux, as we discuss his new novel Deadolescence: A Tale of Love and Sacrifice, available only via email – for free! That’s right, starting on Halloween he’ll be e-mailing 2 chapters a week to anyone who signs up on his website at

(Even if you sign up after Halloween, each email will contain links to the previous chapters – so there’s no excuse not to sign up.)

We discuss the story behind the story (think Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery meets Prom Night), e-publishing vs. traditional publishing, and whether or not Roger Bacon wrote the works of William Shakespeare (no, we’re not kidding).

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Weekly Comics Spotlight #010: 2007-10-17

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss Catwoman #72 by DC, Captain America #31 by Marvel and Sword #1 by Image Comics.

Time Codes:

00:00 Intro

00:32 General discussion

02:24 DC: CATWOMAN #72

06:16 Marvel: CAPTAIN AMERICA #31

13:31 Other: SWORD #1 [IMAGE COMICS]

21:44 Previews Spotlight #001 contest announcement

23:25 Next Week Promo

23:37 Wrap up

24:06 End of episode.


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