Quiet! Panelologists At Work – Episode 26

“The true antidote to the average comic book podcast” The lads are late with an episode again, so in an attempt to make it up to you we have more Blankety Blank, a game of “who’s the best” and some November solicitations. As per normal they discuss Countdown, World War Hulk and Skrulls, so don’t […]

Around Comics Ep. 129 – Events in the Modern Age

Love them or hate them, events are a huge part of the mainstream comics landscape. This week Chris, Tom and Hank talk about events in the modern age from Secret Wars and Crisis on Infinite Earths to World War Hulk and Final Crisis. We give brief summaries of the events that have shaped comics continuity […]

CCL Podcast #135 – Review: Iron Man Masterworks 1

Collected Comics Library Podcast #135 37,390Kb; 39m 36s I’m back from vacation! I couldn’t believe the activity in my Inbox when I got back home. So much news and information, I thought the computer was going to explode. And what’s this about the rumors of the demise of the DC Archive program? I dive into […]

Comic Book Savant Episode 40!

This episode I sit down with Geek Brunch Co-Host “Double H” Heath Holland as we discuss everything related to trades and how it effects the industry. I read your forum comments on the topic and, then Phil’s Corner Poll 3 and listener Phil Vaughn sends in the fourth Phil’s Corner Poll. Also I unveil a […]

Wednesdays Haul 8/29/07– Back from Wizard, back to reality

It’s a big week as I talk about non-comic comic book geekiness. It started off with Tuesday’s release of Heroes Season 1 on DVD, stretched into Mythbusters which explored super-hero myths & gadgets and wrapped up in Harvey Pekar showing up on No Reservations on The Travel Channel. And don’t forget Greg Rucka’s new novel, […]

CNI 103 – Fred Chao & a BBQ!

Reviews Batman/Lobo: Deadly Serious #1, Halo Uprising #1, The Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo #1, Mouse Guard: Winter 1152. It’s another recording in front of a live audience! We have an impromptu BBQ at the studio and Fred Chao (Johnny Hiro) joins us to discuss all things Asian and Michael Jackson.

Alternate Reality – Episode 53

Alternate Reality – Episode #53 Top Five of the Week: 1. Thunderbolts #116 2. Immortal Iron Fist #8 3. Spirit #9 4. Batman #668 5. Green Arrow Year One #4 Other books we read this week: Mouse Guard Winter 1152 #1 Green Lantern Corps #15 Halo Uprising #1 Superman #666 Amazing Spider-Man #543 Contact us […]

Weekly Comics Spotlight #001: 2007-08-15

John Mayo and Bob Bretall discuss Brave and the Bold #6 by DC, Super Villain Team Up: MODOK’s 11 #2 by Marvel and Foxwood Falcons #1 by After Hours Press. Our goal is to keep these episodes around 30 minutes in length. This first one came in a little long since we wanted to discuss […]

Around Comics Ep. 128 – News, Reviews and Previews

This episode Chris, Tom and Hank go over the last week in comics while Sal and Skottie are away. The news includes the Dabel Brothers split with Marvel, a new Wizard of Oz, Hawaiian Dick’s ongoing series and a talk with Maintenance creators Robbi Rodriguez and Jim Massey. An expanded Top of the Stack segment […]

Alternate Reality – Episode 52

Alternate Reality – Episode #52 News: Jackson, Raimi On ‘The Hobbit?’ Alex Ross’s first Marvel project is revealed. Star Trek’s Lt. Uhura Joins ‘Heroes’ Escape From NY Gets A Makeover Sci Fi pulls plug on Painkiller Jane Scarlett Johansson to play in The Spirit, but what’s this about Katie Holmes as Wonder Woman? The distinguished […]

Comic Talk Cafe Vol.2 No.24

We Talk about San Diego Comic Con 2007 and some comic book reviews. Spider-Man and the FF 4 of 4 Robin 165 Amazons Attack 5 of 6 Ultimate Spider-Man 112 Amazing Spider-Man 543 Astonishing X-Men 22 Nova 5 Link to Show

Around Comics Ep. 127 – Greg Rucka Returns

One of the busiest writers in comics returns to Around Comics to talk about the myriad projects hitting comic shops, movie theaters, book stores and the video game market. Greg talks about the experience of being on set for the filming of Whiteout and how they made him work for the Executive Producer title. The […]

Comic Book Savant

This episode I picked from the listener submited topic suggestion list and chose Top 10 Comic Writers. I read your forum comments on your Top 10 writers, then Phil’s Corner Poll 2 and listener Phil Vaughn sends in the third Phil’s Corner Poll. Enjoy! Episode 39 Itunes Comic Book Savant Website

Alternate Reality – Episode 51

Alternate Reality – Episode #51 Top Five of the Week: 1. Booster Gold #1 2. Justice League Of America #12 3. Countdown 37 4. Flash #231 5. Action Comics #854 Other books we read this week: Outsiders Five Of A Kind Week 3 Thunder Martian Manhunter Superman Batman #39 Ultimate Spider-Man #112 Amazons Attack #5 […]

CNI 102 – TCAF Feedback

Reviews Booster Gold #1, Killing Girl #1, 4th Horseman #1, Doctor Strange Animated DVD. Paul Pope, Jamie Tanner and Chris Butcher (The Beguiling in Toronto) join us to discuss their experiences at the recent Toronto Comic Arts Festival! Click to download