Mayo Report: 2007-05 Trades

Once again, I’m joined by Chris Marshall of the Collected Comic Library podcast to discuss the sales estimates for the top 100 graphic novels and collected editions for May 2007. In addition to the usual rundown of the top ten items, Chris and I also discuss: Marvel’s domination of the trade sector of the direct […]

ICN – Episode 26 – Alex Sheikman

Follow us into the world of Robotika: we talk to Alex Sheikman about his creation from Archaia Studios Press, western samurai style. Get in line to discover Niko, Bronski and all the other colorful characters that make Robotika a truly wonderful read. So sit back, listen and wait for the sequel this December: Robotika: For […]

Comic Book Savant Trade Your Pick Episode 8

This month’s TYP selection is X-Men: Deadly Genesis. I also discuss Ed Burbaker’s Uncanny X-Men run, discuss the contest and other CBS site updates. Enjoy! Trade Your Pick Episode 8 Itunes Comic Book Savant Website

Collected Comics Library Podcast #127 – 13 things to catch up on

Collected Comics Library Podcast #127 50,953Kb; 54m 20s Today, I play catch up with 13 different topics and if you can figure out just why I chose the picture, I salute you. Like I was saying, I go over a ton of stuff, which includes the following: voice Mail, Daredevil e-mail, the 4th World Omnibus […]

Around Comics Ep. 112 – David Peterson

Mouse Guard creator David Peterson discusses his series about mice trying to survive in a society filled with intrigue and natural threats. Hear about the little indie book that captured the attention of the comics world as David talks about how he created the world of Mouse Guard. We cover everything from the concept to […]

Wednesday’s Haul 6/27/07- A little bit of this…

It’s time for another podcast. Beginning without a clear plan, I end up babbling about last week’s comics (JLA– good, Spirit– not so good), review Naoki Urasawa’s Monster V7 and talk about some of this coming week’s books (Sinestro Corp looks very good.) To top off the episode, I try to break in a new […]

ICN – Episode 25 – Kieron Gillen

Back to the UK, this time to talk to the creator of Phonogram, Kieron Gillen. In a 40 minute interview we try to learn a little bit more about him and get further insight into his recent creation. From spiffy accent to barely understandable, travel through our conversation and hopefully, come back for more.

CNI 95 – Heroes Con Pt.2 & MOCCA

Reviews Fantastic Four 2: Rise of the Silver Surfer, The Flash #13, Repo #1. We give our MoCCA recap and play the remaining interviews from Heroes Con. Steve Niles, Sarah Wilkinson, Rick Remender, Chris Staros (Top Shelf), Andy Runton (Owly), Kevin Freeman (Ape Entertainment), and Francesco Francavilla (The Black Coat). Click to download

Around Comics Ep. 111 – News and Reviews

This week the gang talks about Dwayne McDuffie taking over JLA, Marc Waid taking over The Flash, the upcoming nuptials of Green Arrow and Black Canary, Sam Jackson putting on a patch and more recent comics news. Top of the Stack features Flash #13, Brave and the Bold #4 and Highwaymen #1. Don’t miss Thursday’s […]

ICN – Episode 24 – Scott Koblish

Once again we interview the very talented Scott Koblish but this time around we do it without Fred Van Lente… From Romita’s Raider to The Weapon i think we cover pretty much everything, so listen in and find out a little more about Scott and his work, The Jet Pack Pets and his music… all […]

Just Another Fanboy – Episode 43

This week the Super Spouses stay up into the wee hours of the night to bring you the very best in listening pleasure. Come for a gaggle of news from Heroes Con and Wizard World Philly – Including a report from the convention floor! Relax during Steeven’s Comic Book Picks of the Week where he […]

Sideshow 96 – autobots, DNA and more fun then you can handle

(Kitaro’s Sideshow is a Hebrew Podcast. sorry guys) Great show. The writer of the new Israeli book – The Autobots guide. Avi took over the whole show so its Avi’s show hosting the Sideshow. Ariel brings really cool tech news and Nir and I are doing a very good job as well 🙂 More information […]

Around Comics Ep. 110 – Frank Miller Spotlight

Around Comics shines the spotlight on the ever changing and evolving career of Frank Miller. Listen in as we cover everything from his early days at Marvel working on Daredevil to his most recent movie success with Sin City and 300. Sal and Chris discuss the high points and major works in Miller’s career as […]

Comic Book Savant Episode 32

This episode I review The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract TP, Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer Movie and finish off by talking about my experience at Heroes Con 2007. Enjoy! Episode 32 Itunes Comic Book Savant Website

CCL Podcast #126 – Interview with Timothy Callahan: Grant Morrison The Early Years

Collected Comics Library Podcast #126 66,968Kb; 71m 25s Today I have something a little different. It’s an interview with Timothy Callahan, author of Grant Morrison: The Early Years. Besides going over his life in comics and his book, Tim and I talk about the collected editions market and he even shares his own Top 10! […]