Wednesday’s Haul 5/31/07– The Geek’s Mid-life Crisis

This episode, Scott unveils the new and talks about the geeky mid-life crisis he’s going through. Did he or didn’t he quit Pop Syndicate? We may never know the answer.
When not fretting about his life, he reviews The Homeless Channel (yes, again,) Gutsville and The Professor’s Daughter. He even fits in a couple of recommendations for this week.

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Around Comics Ep. 104 – Under the Radar

Most comic fans know about the books that sell in diamond’s top 100, but don’t stop there! We’re living in a time were there are hundreds of quality comics to check out. The variety of genres and styles of comics has exploded, and it can be overwhelming to try and find that hidden gem that could be your new favorite book. There are books like DMZ and Ex Machina that have important social messages and books like The Goon, The All New Atom and Stormwatch PHD that are just plain comic book fun. Listen in as Chris, Tom, Sal, Skottie and John take a look at some of their favorite “Under the Radar” titles. A special thanks to John Siuntres as he sits in for his last time as a regular on the show.

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Geek Brunch No. 4

In episode 4, your exhausted hosts talk about Blue Beetle comics, what Mike’s been reading, some horror movies, and why you should never peel a chile pepper and then touch your genitals. If your name is Candy Cane, meet this episode in room 17 with a bottle of pink champagne. Doesn’t make sense? It will soon. Enjoy your brunch! 82 minutes.

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Around Comics Ep. 103 – News and Reviews

News of the week and our top picks. Join Chris, Tom and Sal, Scottie and John as they discuss the latest stories from the past week, including the the new Badger book, Fantagraphics looking for Pogo art, Sorrow from Rick Remender, the FF cartoon, and more. Top of the Stack pics include Guttsville, Criminal, Birds of Prey, Elephantmen and others.



ICN – Episode 17 – Scott Chantler


Join us for half an hour with Scott Chantler the artist behind Days Like These and the Northwest Passage series from Oni Press. We travel through time, the wild west, the 50s and 60s and finally reach our destination, the future. Meet Tek Jansen, Stephen Colbert‘s popular animated character, as Scott gives us the rundown on the title and talks about his involvement with it. We’ll meet again in “three parsecs”, till then help Tek fight the Brazilian!

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Just Another Fanboy – Episode 39

Here comes the podcast with more delays than Civil War and All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder put together!

This week the happy couple discuss a wide range of topics such as the Feedback Audio Drama, the Heroes Season Finale, upcoming DVD releases, and the Rosie/Elisabeth throwdown on the View.

Plus you get your Comic Book Picks of the Week, Steeven’s Out of the Box Comic Review, and more news than you can shake a stick at . . . a really small stick . . . with a sharp, pointy end.

So smoke ’em if you got ’em folk, because this is what it sounds like, when doves cry . . . I have no idea why I said that.

Anyway, enjoy the show.

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Quiet! Panelologists At Work – Episode 20

Ep 20

Bristol Expo Special

This episode we haven’t prepared for the show so we talk about the recent Bristol Comics Expo whilst trying to download Comic Collector Live.

There’s a run down of the Eagle Award winners and Matt gives us a recap of the first issue of Countdown, plus we find out why Jon hasn’t read any new comics for a month.

Featuring the usual ‘award-winning’ rubbish reviews and opinions.

Additional music by Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings

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Around Comics Ep. 102 – Comics 101: JSA

Tom takes center stage as we learn about the history of the Justice Society of America. Get educated about the JSA’s founding members, the interesting cross company relationship that spawned the super group, and how the team has evolved into the JSA we know today. What JSA member was made from clay? What member had a weakness to wood? What member was a florist? Learn the answers to these questions and more as Tom blows the minds of Chris, Sal and Skottie.

CCL #122 Star Wars Comics Celebration

Collected Comics Library Podcast #122
47,675Kb; 50m 35s

This past weekend was the Motor City Comic-Con and I was fortunate to attend. My son, Patrick, received a wonderful Batman sketch from Buzz and I was able to get my Sgt. Fury and (Silver Age) Human Torch Masterworks signed by Dick Ayers. I also picked up a few monthly comics to fill in the gaps in my Star Wars and Punisher collections. I was also able to purchase two Marvel Essential Handbooks for the price of one, but now I’m regretting it. These reference books should be in color and I explain why in the Podcast.
Both DC Comics and Marvel have announced their Fall solicitations and there are some very cool books on both lists.
The main topic of the show this week in honor of Star Wars Celebration IV in Los Angeles this weekend. In it I, with help from members of the forum, give recommendations on what to buy to start or add to your collections. My sincere thanks to everyone who wrote in. As usual, I go over the
New Releases of the Week. and lastly I announce the winner of the Death of Superman Trade Paperback Giveaway.

Music by Cash O’Riley and the Downright Daddies
…and not by Hot Club of Detroit

Links of note:
The Buddy Culver Show
Top Cow Collects “Endgame” Storyline

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