Around Comics Ep. 095 – News and Reviews – Plus!

Holy over-sized panel Batfans! On a night where we welcomed Josh from, Mike Norton and Scottie Young surprise us with a visit and sit in on the show. Chris, Tom Sal, John, Josh, Mike and Scottie try to get through the news and Pick of Top of the Stack, but somehow we keep getting sidetracked on just about anything but comics. I can’t imagine how that happened. Tune in for one of our funnest, craziest and just plain filthiest shows ever. The irreverence doesn’t stop until Elvis has left the building.

Raging Bullets Episode 45C Part 2

Episode 45C Part 2 This Episode Jim and I continue celebrating our 1 year anniversary and Jonah Hex, Teen Titans, Justice League Unlimited and much more. Also, Jim introduces a new twist to his unusual rating system.

Don’t forget to submit your entries for Funny Bullets and Top Bullets. Check out Mike Parkinson’s DC Year One comic strip show.

We will see you Tuesday or Wednesday with episode 47. (Please check the forum or web site for updates on releases)

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Just Another Fanboy – Episode 35

This week Steeven goes solo as Karen has a sore tummy.

So here’s #35 folks, check it out if’n you want.

Show Notes:

00:00 – Intro

00:43 – Announcements (Future Guests!)

02:25 – What is Steeven Reading?

11:07 – A Word From Our Sponsor – Pickle In A Sack

12:18 – News and Information You Could Have Easily Gotten For Yourself With Just A Little Effort – We scour the web for comic book news so you don’t have to.

14:16 – Steeven’s Comic Book Picks of the Week – Punisher War Journal #6

18:53 – Listener’s Feedback

28:44 – Ask The Fanboys – You ask the questions, we give you the answers

29:39 – Outro and closing announcements

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Around Comics Ep. 094 – Life as a Freelancer

Join Sal, Tom and John, as they are joined by Hilary Barta and Mike Norton. The gang talks about the road to, and the journey of, being a freelance comic book artist. Along the way we make a few detours to discuss The Watchmen, what it is like to be in a bar with a dead man, and how to avoid bear attacks. Tom introduces a new segment – Letter Page Classics! Don’t miss a second of the hilarity, irreverence and infunimation.

KomicsKast – Bottom of the Pile for comics shipped 4/18/07

Stephen is joined by Aaron Macom of SciFiDig ( in a coup attempt of KomicsKast, bottom of the pile segment!

Luckily, neither of them have my password for the Libsyn site! Phew! Coup averted!

Anyway, Stephen and Aaron get together to discuss the bottom of their piles while I’m away at the S.P.A.C.E. small press con. What I’ve heard so far is funny, as I’m sure the whole thing will be!

Around Comics Ep. 093 – News and Reviews

While Chris is away the panel will play. Sal and Tom are joined by John Siuntres, Hilary Barta and Mike Norton to talk about the past weeks news and their picks for Top of the Stack. The panel discusses Edward Norton as the new Bruce Banner, APE, Fallen Son Special Edition, The 2007 Eisner Award nominations and more. Don’t miss Thursday when we talk to Mike and Hilary about breaking into the industry and life as a freelance illustrator.

Trade Secrets 11 Jeff Parker and his Agents of Atlas

Trade Secrets 11
46,566Kb; 46m 28s

This is a conversation with Jeff Parker. Jeff has been one of the busiest guys in the comic book community. He is putting on the final touches of his run on Walk-In from Virgin Comics and is currently working on X-Men First Class and the four issue Spider-Man/Fantastic Four from Marvel. Jeff is also responsible for the return of Jimmy Woo and other classic characters in the smash hit Agents of Atlas. That collected edition, which is loaded with extras, is due out in stores this week.


Links of note:
ParkerSpace – The base station of Jeff Parker

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Quiet! Panelologists At Work – Episode 18

Ep 18

This episode the guys discuss the joys of Fallen Son: Wolverine, the return of the thought balloon and create a new comics related game show for Matt to contend in.

They also chat about their recent comic book purchases and look forward to Hope Falls in November.

Additional Music by The Go! Team

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Just Another Fanboy – Episode 034

Here we go again . . . it’s episode 34!

This week the happy couple discuss a bevy of random topics including the stress of DSL, books Steeven picked up from the local library, and the triumphant return of Menudo.

Plus Steeven’s comic book picks of the week: Avengers Initiative #1 and Justice League of America #7.

So pop open a cold one, cinch your belt, put the muskrat out on the porch and take a listen to this little experiment in inexperienced audio mismanagement.

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Comic Talk Cafe: Lot O’ Comic Book Reviews

Comic Talk Cafe: Lot O' Comic Book Reviews

group shot

Well here we all are again! We had allot of catching up to do. This show took me the longest time to edit together and I hope it shows. I wanted to put more effort in the show so here are a few new things. One, I mention the book title along with the number and major creators. Two, if you are listening through Itunes then you get to see the cover images from the books we are talking about. Three, I am now putting the start time for each topic, so you can skip to the books you are interested in hearing about. Remember this show is spoiler heavy.

Link to Show

The books talked about:

Wonder Woman 6 Start: 2:00 and 7 Start: 9:13
The Loners 1 Start: 16:12
Supergirl 17 Start : 24:50
Uncanny X-men 485 Start 34:00
Green Lantern 17 Start 39:00 and 18 Start: 45:28
Incredible Hulk 105 Start: 50:52
Spiderman Loves MJ 17 Start: 55:55
Amazing Spider-Man 159 Start 101:50
Action Comics 847 Start 104:13
Rambling (Heroes spoilers!!!) Start: 1:16:35