Around Comics Ep. 070

Around Comics welcomes Russ Cochran. EC Comics were the most groundbreaking and industry changing comics of their or maybe any other era. Without the efforts of one man, the EC library may have been lost and all but forgotten. This university physics professor turned comics vanguard has preserved and protected the legacy of EC Comics for new generations to enjoy. Join us for this informative and entertaining conversation with the man who for over thirty years has kept the EC fire alive. For brief history and discussion about EC, don’t forget to list to Around Comics Episode 69, EC Comics 101 with special guest Hilary Barta.

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Raging Bullets Episode 41 Part 1

Episode 41 Part 1:  This two part episode features a special “Speeding Bullets” look at some of the recent news including the 52 #37 DC Nation Reveal, the teaser photo that has been released, how it may tie into current books, and we also look at Smallville Labyrinth.
We also review Wonder Woman 2 and 3. 
NOTE: The Titans review will be coming during the next couple of episodes. (Not being vague on purpose, we have some special things planned but we will get it it) We moved it for 2 reasons, the show was already 4 hours long and we want to save it to discuss the first issue of the Titans East Arc.  We do have a brief discussion as we read this week’s forum comments on part 2 but we will go more indepth on that episode.
We also have an audio comment on part 1 from Geek Syndicate on our media episode
Also, 52 weeks 35-38 and an audio comment from Brent Kossina : BK’s Bullets looks at Batman Year 100 and he comments on Smallville will be on part 2 which will be released Sunday Night. Part 2 will also feature additional email, and forum comments.

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Quiet! Panelologists At Work – Episode 12

Ep 12

Fully rested, and out of practice at podcasting, the Panelologists return for their first episode of 2007.

New comics are reviewed and the important news of the comics world is discussed in their usual comprehensive manner. A competition winner is announced and a new competition is launched. Plus more rubbish comics are binned.

POTENTIAL SPOILER FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA AND THE END OF CIVIL WAR, but it’s more of another stupid theory really so don’t worry.

Featuring the return of Tony Lee news!

Additional music by The Incredible Bongo Band

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Comic Timing – Episode 30

Episode 30 of Comic Timing is up to bat! Sorry, I miss baseball already. Only a few more weeks until Spring Training. Woo hoo! Anyway, back on topic. Brandon Christopher of The Quarter Bin Podcast and Brent Kossina of BKs Bullets via Raging Bullets stop on by to review one of the hottest comic books around these days. Spoilers aplenty as we delve into Justice Society of America #1 and 2. There are also a few spoilers that are marked ahead of time for the latest 52, and one or two about Civil War: Frontline #10, just to warn you folks. Barrel of laughs to put together and to be a part of, so I hope everybody enjoys it!

We also announce the winner of the Comic Timing Contest this episode, so anybody looking to find out who the victor is, listen in! The Announcement is located near the end of the episode. As always, you can contact Comic Timing at, and please Digg us at, and vote for Comic Timing over at Podcast Alley. And if you are on Comic Space, you can find me listed as i_am_scifi, so send me a friend request!

One last reminder to check out part two of our crossover with Raging Bullets, which should be released this upcoming Thursday, as Matt and I join Jim and Sean to review Batman Confidential #1. And thanks for listening and downloading. See you next time!

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Comic Timing – Episode 29

Episode 29 is finally here! It took two false starts, an encroachment and a holding penalty to get this one done, but we did it, even it took three days to record. This week, Brent Kossina, and Raph Soohoo, alias Wraithmaker on the forums, author of the Bulleteer Madness Column for Raging Bullets, stop on by to discuss DC Comics in the year 2006. Did they do a better job than Marvel? What titles left us going booyah, and which titles left us going dear God why must this exist? All that and a bag of chips on this one, plus a boatload of bloopers and insanity contained within, so listen to it, and hopefully you shall enjoy!

As always, you can e-mail Comic Timing at, and please vote for Comic Timing on Podcast Alley, and give us a Digg over at

I hope the New Year is treating everybody well, and that 2007 continues to do so for all out there. Also, thanks for listening for the past 29 episodes, and thanks as always for downloading!

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52: Supernova Revealed

I’ve decided to finally release an episode that has some actual content in it…
So, of course, I figured that I should have someone else on the episode to provide that content…

One of the bug mysteries of 52 has been who is Supernova. in issue #37 they finally reveal it. (Okay, actually, they reveal it on the cover first.) And, who better to discuss this with than the resident expert on 52 from the Comic Geek Speak forums and 52 episodes but David D. Not only was David kind enough to join me for this discussion but he made the great suggestion that I ask Ping33 (also from the Comic Geek Speak forums) for an audio comment with his views on the reveal. And Ping33 provided some great comments which David and I use as as starting point for our discussion.

In this discussion, David and I both make comments about the television show Heroes. I don’t think that we spoil anything but I figured it was worth mentioning in the show notes anyway…

I want to thank both David D and Ping33 for conributing to this episode…

Raging Bullets Episode 40 Part 2

Episode 40 Part 2: This episode we look at the listener requested Batman: Death and Maidens Trade. We also have our usual speeding bullets segment and an audio comment for the Alternate Reality Podcast.
Our Speeding Bullets segment features a look at Stormwatch PHD 1 and 2, Quick chat about Batman Confidential #2, Welcome to Tranquility #1, and Smallville “Justice”

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What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-17

Another shipment, another run down of what I think of the titles prior to reading these issues.

And, don’t worry, there is a lot more to this podcast then just listening to what I get each week. It just takes a little while to pull those things together…

What Did John Get This Week? 2007-01-17