Variant Edition Extra: A Conversation with…

Now for something a little different…back in November, we covered The National – as seen in Episode 37. Viewers will already know that we got a few cool interviews. And the first of those aired in Episode 40: Bernie Wrightson. We were able to interview him due to his participation in American Comics Creators – […]

Variant Edition Extra: Online Comics

Kevin steps back behind the cash register to give his opinion as a comic retailer on the new phenomenom of Online Comics. Cut for time from Episode 40. Revived for your viewing pleasure. A website exclusive! Extra: Online Comics is available on and sharable through YouTube. And don’t forget to check out our forums…let […]

Comic Book Noise Bytes: Small Press Round Up

The Superhumans 1-4, The Chair #1, Morbid Myths #1 and Se7en: Gluttony #1. 10 minutes. Get it at Comic Book Noise

Comic Talk Cafe: End of Year Show!

Our regular show with the extra topic of the best and worst of 06!

Hilary Barta on Ep. 063

Hilary Barta on Ep. 063 The Last Christmas Special continues with comic book creator Hilary Barta. The panel discusses Hilary’s career which includes work on such titles as Plastic Man, Nexus, American Splendor, Hellboy Junior, Tom Strong, Tomorrow Stories and many many more. Hilary has worked as a writer, inker, penciler and cover artist for […]

Comic Book Noise 69 is online

Top Five Comic Book Revivals. 33 minutes. Get it at Comic Book Noise.

CNI 69 – Bryan Fuller

Reviews of: The Bakers Meet Jingle Belle One-shot, Dave Stewart’s Walk In #1, and Criminal Macabre: Two Red Eyes. Interview with: Bryan Fuller, Co-Executive Producer/Writer of NBC’s HEROES. Bryan has some great things to say about the show and the upcoming episodes! If you’re a fan of the show, listen to this interview! Click to […]

The Last Christmas Special

Gene Colan on Ep. 062 The Last Christmas Special. Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn and Hillary Barta join us for this hilarious Christmas show. We talk about their irreverent series The Last Christmas, their own special Holliday stories, Brian’s balls, dog vomit, Jerry Lewis and more. Don’t miss a second of this very heartwarming, ad bowel-loosening […]

Marvel Year in Review 2006

This is a syndicated episode that originally ran as the episode #28 of Comic Timing. In it, Ian Levenstein, Brent Kossina and I discuss how 2006 panned out for Marvel. Play in new window | Download (54.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Variant Edition Ep 41

It’s our special pre X-Mas Holiday Special! In this episode: -Reviews of The Big Book of Horror, Amazing Spider-Girl #3, Superman Confidential #2, Exterminators #12, Action Comics #844 & #855, Teen Titans, #41, Bullet Points #2, X-23: Target X #1 and Annihilation #4. -Mike and Jenn take a look at the I, Robot Sonny Head. […]

Comic Book Savant – Episode 16

I review some Independent books in the third of a four part special series spotlighting the other side of the Comic Universe Independents. Reviews this episode include; The Damned #1, Criminal #1-2, Villians #3-4, and Loveless Vol. 1: A Kin Of Homecoming. Enjoy! Episode 16 Itunes Comic Book Savant Website

Gene Colan on Around Comics Ep. 061

Gene Colan on Ep. 061 Gene Colan has helped define some of comics most cherished characters and properties. Whether you know his work from Iron-Man, Captain America, Howard the Duck, Dr. Strange, Tomb of Dracula, Daredevil or countless others, his style and skill are unmistakable. Around Comics welcomes one of the true legends in comics […]

Mayo Report: 2006-10 Trades

This is a syndicated episode that originally ran as the Trade Secrets #6 episode of Collected Comics Library. Play in new window | Download (26.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

CNI 68 – Stan Lee!

That’s right comic fans! The legendary Stan Lee joins Comic News Insider for a discussion on some of his huge history in the industry as well as current projects. Happy Holidays from CNI! Click to Download

Variant Edition Episode 40

Another big episode! Featuring the first of many interviews from last month’s Big Apple Con: Bernie Wrightson! Also in the episode: -Reviews of Spider-Man Reign #1, Zombies vs Robots #1, The Haunter of the Dark, Batman Confidential #1, New Universal #1, Ultimate Vision #1, The Walking Dead #33, New X-Men #33 and Supergirl #12. -Mike […]