Comic Timing – Just Bill Comic Longbox Special

If I could describe this episode to you I would, but I think it has to be listened to to be believed. Just Bill, John Mayo and myself get together for what was going to be Part Two of something, but it turned into something all its own. We do talk comics, but we also talk about something Bill knows very well – himself and his maybe of a show.

Listen in, let me know what you think, and try not to hate me for associating with Bill. It was all his idea, I swear. Deal?

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Next week we will have a show early in the week, as Sean and Jim join us for part one of the Confidential Crossover. If schedules work out, there may be more than one episode next week, but I will keep you posted on that. Until then, enjoy the show, and I hope everybody had a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving, or a happy Thursday for those of you living outside the USA.

Comic Timing – Just Bill Comic Longbox Special

Variant Edition Episode 37

Episode 37

Episode 37 will “rock your face off”! Kevin and Luis spent the weekend at the National, the big 3 day Big Apple Con, this past weekend in New York…so expect lots of coverage in the coming weeks. But we kick it off this week with an interview with Dana Snyder, the voice of Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Also in this episode:
-Reviews of X-Factor #13, Day of the Dead: the Rising of Bub #1, Civil War #5, Shadowpact #7 and DMZ #13.
-Kevin and Luis roam the show floor.
-Plus, Nick with the news.

Episode 37 is online through iTunes, available on and sharable through YouTube. And don’t forget to check out our forums…let us know what you think of the episodes or would like to see something covered on the show.

Episode 37

Comic Timing Contest

Comic Timing has a brand new contest! Post a suggestion for a topic to dicsuss on the show, and you will receive a copy of Sin City Volume 1: The Hard Goodbye, and a beautiful John Cassaday poster of Captain America, taken from the image he did for issue 1 of Marvel Knights Captain America. Here is an image of the poster in question: Cassaday

The contest will run until Monday, December 18, which is four weeks from the posting of this episode. You can submit your suggestions to, or you can post suggestions on the forum. So send in your entries, and good luck!

Comic Timing – Episode 25

Episode 25 of Comic Timing has finally arrived. We are at one quarter of one hundred, woo! To celebrate, I am joined by Denise Gronda of the Birds of Geek Podcast, Silver Bullet Comics columnist Mitch Montgomery, and Tony Guagliardo, otherwise known as MobileHome on the Comic Geek Speak forums. Along with myself, and a red van with a Florida license plate, we form The New York City Rental Car Riders! We all took the ride over to Reading, PA for Comic Geek Speak’s Episode 200 celebration, and we have our recap here. We also touch on the future of comic book podcasts, whether or not gathering such as this will continue to grow in size as the years go by, and what it is like to be part of such a thriving forum community. That, and we touch on some comments left on Episode 24. Thanks to Tony, Mitch, and Denise for such a great time, and thanks for the ride!

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The next episode will be a Special Episode of Comic Timing, and will be released either on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. Until then, thanks for listening for 25 episodes, here is to 25 more, and thanks for downloading.

Download Comic Timing – Episode 25

Comic Timing – Rogues Gallery #2: Dr. Doom

Part 1 of our 25th Episode celebration has been released, and it is in the form of our second Rogues Gallery segment! Damian Smith of The Furnace joins myself as we discuss one of Marvel Comics most powerful and maniacal villains…Dr. Doom. We discuss everything from what led him down the path to villainy, where he is now, and where he may go in the future. It is a great discussion, and well worth the listen, so listen in!

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Anyway, enjoy the Rogues Gallery, see you later in the week for Episode 25, and thanks as always for downloading!

Download Rogues Gallery #2 – Dr. Doom

Comic Book Noise 66 is online

The entire Comic Book Noise Family has a crossover to take a look at Civil War No. 5. Mike from Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise, Tim from THOOM and myself discuss the pros and cons of the latest issue. There’s also a short guest appearance by Noisy Award winner Bruce Rosenberger from Komicskast. 55 minutes

Download Here

Rick Remender & Tony Moore on Ep. 055

Around Comics Ep. 055

Rick Remender and Tony Moore. Rick Remender is one of the most prolific comic book creators today. Whether it’s writing, drawing, or inking he has a hand in titles such as Fear Agent, Strange Girl, The Last Chrismas, Sea of Red, The Avengers, Doll and Creature, Night Mary, Black Heart Billy, The Man With The Screaming Brain and others. Tony Moore is one of the true young and upcoming artists in comic books. His work on Battle Pope, Brit, The Walking Dead and The Exterminators have made him a fan favorite, and a creator to watch. John Siuntres and Scar Tissue/Fiendish Fables artist Dave Wachter join us for Wire2Wire Comic Book News and Top of the Stack reviews and recommendations.

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Variant Edition Episode 36

Episode 36

Another weekly dose of comic book goodness. In addition to news and reviews, we’ve got a chat with sculpting great, Clayburn Moore.

Also in this episode:
-Reviews of Batman #658, What If? Spider-man the Other, Teen Titans #40, Anita Blake #2, X-Men First Class #3, Moon Knight #6, Fear Agent #8 and Exterminators #11.
-Mike and Jenn Swisstack take a look at Bowen’s new Red Skull statue.
-Plus, Nick with the news.

Episode 36 is online through iTunes, available on and sharable through YouTube. And don’t forget to check out our forums…let us know what you think of the episodes or would like to see something covered on the show.

Episode 36