This week we interview voice over artists Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt. Both are on the animated series Naruto. Their body of work is extensive in animation and the gaming industry. Yuri and Tara share some great information on how they started out in the world of voice over recording. CNI52

Comic Talk Cafe #20

Here we are at show #20! Here is the rundown of the reviews: She Hulk vol3 TPB, Robin 152-153, Uncanny Xmen 475-477, Ultimate FF 32, New Avengers 22, the first two Kubert, Morrison Batman books. Enjoy! Play in new window | Download (41.2MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Noisy Award Nominations

I just wanted to remind everyone that you can still nominate your favorite titles and creators for a Noisy Award. Details can be found at

Tim’s Quarter Bin 6 is online

Mailbag episode. 16 minutes. Here are the downloads: Download Here Dialup version

Around Comics Ep. 042 – Ed Brubaker

Around Comics Ep. 042 Around Comics welcomes writer Ed Brubaker for an extended interview to talk about his exciting new project with former partner-in-crime, Sean Phillips. Brubaker and Phillips reunite on the noir project ‘Criminal’, published under Marvel’s Icon label. The current writer of Captain America, Daredevil and the Uncanny X-Men discusses the new street […]

Comic Book Noise 58 is online

My Pro-Registration argument and reaction to the Civil War delay. 19 minutes. Download Here Dial-up Version Here

Tim’s Quarter Bin 5 is online

Tim takes a look at Green Lantern’s Book Of Inventions, Ultimate Iron Man and Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. 26 minutes. Here are the downloads: Download Here Dialup version

Civil War #4 Delay

This is a syndicated episode that originally ran as the Civil War Delay Special episode of Comic Timing. In it, Ian Levenstein, Matt Sommer, Wayne Cordova and I discuss the announcement that Civil War #4 was being delayed. Play in new window | Download (43.8MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


Reviews on todays episode include, Claws, Deadman and The Boys. News on Hulk2, Transformers, FF2, Batman2 and you’ll weep about a rumored return of Thundercats. We also have our last interview from SDCC ’06 with writer Antony Johnston of Wasteland. CNI51

Tim’s Quarter Bin podcast No. 4

The Argument for Pro Registration. 48 minutes. There is only one version of this file. Click here to download it

Around Comics Ep. 041

Around Comics Ep. 041Around Comics welcomes John Siuntres of Wordballoon, and Crank and Mike Norton of the Crankcast to the roundtable this week. The topic of discussion centers on whether or not Marvel and DC have a responsibility to produce comic books outside of the super hero genre. We also go over the weeks comic […]

Comic Book Noise 56 is online

Females and fandom. 45 minutes. Here is are the downloads: Regular version Dialup version Links: Friends of Lulu website Green Brain Comics Comics Worth Reading Sequential Tart Shelly’s Comic Book Shelf Redhead Fangirl When Fangirls Attack Comic Buyers Guide I Read Comics Comic Talk Cafe About Heroes Birds Of Geek Collected Comics Library Golden Age […]

Comic Timing Episode 14

Episode 14 is released, and it is one of our best episodes yet. Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak joins David Price and myself for a discussion on the ramifications, and benefits of being a comic geek. Should you hide your passion from those close to you, or is it quite simply another hobby and […]

Civil War Delay Special Report

This is a syndicated episode discussing the delay of Civil War #4. Play in new window | Download (61.5MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Around Comics Ep. 040

Around Comics Ep. 040 Wizard World Chicago Pt. 3 The last one, we promise! Join Around Comics as we walk the convention floor and talk with some of today’s top comic book creators. Hear interviews with Paul Jenkins, David Mack, Paul Azaceta, Jeremy Haughn, John Romita Jr. and more! direct download… iTunes feed… streaming media… […]