Mayo Report: 2006-02 and 2006-03 Comics and Trades

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Comic Makers Episode 12 Online!

This week David sits down with Image Comics head honcho and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen to talk shop. Just head over to…

Jerry Robinson on CNI!

Comic book legend, Jerry Robinson! Best known for his work on Batman (including creating the Joker and co-creating Robin), Jerry Robinson is a part of comic book history. Joe and Jimmy were honored to have the opportunity to speak with him. Jerry shares some great stories on how it all started! CNI31

CNI 30- Invader Tak!

Voice artist Olivia D’Abo joins Joe and Jimmy for this special episode. Olivia voices several great animated series including Tarzan, Batman Beyond, Justice League, Invader Zim and Ultimate Avengers! We also review Infinite Crisis 6 and Planetary. CNI30

CNI 29

Comic Reviews: All Star Superman 3, Tag & Bink, New Avengers: Illuminati & FF Road to Civil War. Lot’s of TV & Movie news including: Aquaman, Simpsons, Superman, Flash and more! Joe has a cold and Jimmy has a new mic. Oh, and what happened to Julio?! CNI29