Kitaro Sideshow #39

Superman All star, the new Narnia movie, winter music and more. Go now and listen

Collected Comics Library #46

Number #46 5083 Kb; 10m 49s THE 2ND ANNUAL COLLECTED COMICS LIBRARY NCAA FOOTBALL BOWL CONTEST is up and running! This is what I’m giving away: First Prize: The Golden Age Flash Archives Volume 2 Second Prize: All six “Disassembled” trade paperbacks (Avengers, Thor, Captain America,, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Fantastic Four) Third Prize: Origin […]

Kitaro’s Sideshow #37

This week we bring you the music of Kate Dovelyn Band, Stara Zagora and another song by T. Casey Brennan. Some news about my new book and the coming event for it’s publications. Book reviews, some talk about upcoming movies and a bit about politics.