Collected Comics Library Podcast #35

Number #35
8,486 Kb; 18m 05s
First off, sorry for the poor audio quality. When I first listened to it, it sounded fine, but after I uploaded it, it went all scratchy on me. I’ll have to tone down the levels.
I have a bigger show tonight because of all the great DC and Marvel news that came down this week. I also touch on Donald Trump and Alan Moore. What a pair that would be, eh?
And as promised I have a new Table of Contents available for download for the book Batman: From the 30s to the 70s

Still a chance to win the Robin Archives and even a little golf.

Number #33
6,119 Kb; 13m 03s
I’m having a great response to my Robin Archives contest and there is still time to get in on it. I’ll be taking e-mails up until Saturday at midnight. Also in this show I go over the Robin Archives in detail.
Thanks to The Archives website featuring maps of future Robin Archives and thanks also goes out to The Golden Age of Comics Podcast featuring a podcast on Robin and Star-Spangled Comics.

I Read Comics – Show #8

Show 8 on MP3

Yeah, I know, you thought I gave it up, didn’t you? THINK AGAIN!

Why not to buy your superhero undies at Target
X-Men/TNG crossover book Planet X
Karl Christian‘s Schadenfreude
The new Nancy Drew from PaperCutz
A thought about comic book shops

Music, as always, by Mayerson.

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Look at Nancy Drew’s tits!

Crisis on The Collected Comics Library!

Number #31
19,545 Kb; 41m 41s

It’s my big Crisis show. Find out about all the different Crisis events in the DCU and what is collected and what is not.
The Annotated Crisis
The Unofficial Comics Comics Crossover Index