CNI 17 with Kyle Baker!

Hey listeners, it’s our interview with Kyle Baker! Kyle sat down with us at a NY diner and chatted about his past work, current projects and the industry. Kyle!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #30 6,080 Kb; 12m 58s No CRISIS show this week, there seems to be a lot more to prep for than I thought. I’ll be doing it next Wednesday. Stay tuned. Today I go over New Releases of the week (Robin comes in early!!! Yeah!), the Marvel Universe Handbooks, past and present — and future […]

Show #7 – August 15

Show 7 on MP3 What can I say? I’ve been busy. Music, as always, by Mayerson. Big crossover episode, guest starring my cohost on Look At His Butt!, Jungle Kitty Small update on Eros Comix and Sticky Harlan Ellison’s Dream Corridor Star Trek Gold Key comics! This podcast is sponsored by the Lincoln Heights Literary […]

CGS & CNI Crossover!

It’s the HUGE podcast crossover show! Comic Geek Speak joins Comic News Insider for this special limited edition crossover annual. OK, maybe not limited. Laugh loudly as we discuss a slew of favorite super hero cartoons. Download both shows and flip back and forth from studio to studio, you’ll be giddy like a kid on […]

CNI interviews Darwyn Cooke!

OK, we’ve been slacking…but how about an interview with Darwyn Cooke to cheer you up! Darwyn discusses Solo, New Frontier, Batman the Animated Series and a great new upcoming project! You’ll want to hear about the upcoming news! Darwyn Cooke me!

Collected Comics Library Podcast #28

Number #28 7,204 Kb; 15m 22s Quick show this time around due to the fact that I have to get prepared for a job interview today. Good thing I’ve been listening to The Working Podcast! In this show I go over the New Releases of the week, all the Batman DVD news from The Digital […]

I Read Comics – Show #6

(My first post to the Network! Whee!) Show 6 on MP3 Uh oh, the show’s getting longer. Oh well. More music by that genius Mayerson. The Chill Pak. Buy one. Chronicles of Conan #4 Superdickery and the mystery of Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane Sticky #2 and Superfag Radio and a rant about Eros Comix Writing […]