CNI Episode 14

Jimmy joins Joe and Julio at the studio for ep.14. We discuss Ultimates #7 and a new title, Living in Infamy from Ben Raab. News about Iron Man, Punisher 2 and Hulk 2. Also an interview with Ben Raab and the team behind Living in Infamy. GET IT!

Collected Comics Library #26

Number #26 7,031 Kb; 14m 59s Today, I of course, I run down the New Releases for the week, but we don’t seem to have Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 3. I also discuss two new podcasts and the recent Detroit Free Press comic book article by Julie Hinds GT Labs – Your Source for Comics […]

Kitaro’s sideshow #21

Today’s show is full of alcohol, food and much fun. With some friends we’re talking about the new All star Batman and Robin, the 2nd desolation jounes, the 1984 book Neuromancer and the witch’s hammer. Great music from: Flatlined, dream theater, porcupine tree and more. Some moves review and reall strange sidenews.

CNI Comic Con Wrap Up

Our San Diego Comic Con wrap up with our roving reporter, Jimmy. Chatting about the booths, Superman, Kevin Smith, Serenity, great costumes and an interview with Dean Haspiel, artist on Harvey Pekars, The Quitter. Plus a cool show open! Don’t miss it!

Collected Comics Library #25

The CCL rundown of the week with a touch of San Diego. Episode #25 Play in new window | Download (9.9MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

Kitaro’s Sideshow #19

A great show with new guest – Mr. Yair Gutman. Reviw on: Fantastic four, war of the worlds by Jeff wayne and more. Strange news, some updates about new movies and some great music. Enjoy.

Kitaro’s Sideshow #18

Another week without nir. On this show I review Plentary 23, the new Nevewher comic, Dream police and few other titles. We go through some books and I read a few songs from the melancholy death of oyster boy by Tim Burton. Cheers

CNI 12

A third host joins in on the fun for episode 12. Reviews of Omac #3, Planetary and Nat Turner. Movie News: X3, Captain America, Flash & more. Three times the fun! Click for your pod needs.

Comicology Podcast : Issue #30 “hello new people.”

It looks like iTunes 4.9 have brought a bunch of new folks to the show so I use this podcast to tell them about the show. Later in the week I plan to to another show which is more about comics, and less about the podcast its self. However, until then please listen to and […]

Kitaro’s sideshow #17

Nir is out of town, doing damgae to the rest of the world. We have a shorter show this time and I got some help from morticia. In this show we present Kingdom of the wicked by edignton and D’israeli A list of invasion movies as a promo for War of the World and some […]