Collected Comics Library #26

Number #26

7,031 Kb; 14m 59s

Today, I of course, I run down the New Releases for the week, but we don’t seem to have Sgt. Rock Archives Vol. 3. I also discuss two new podcasts and the recent Detroit Free Press comic book article by Julie Hinds
GT Labs – Your Source for Comics about Scientists

Kitaro’s sideshow #21

Today’s show is full of alcohol, food and much fun.
With some friends we’re talking about the new All star Batman and Robin, the 2nd desolation jounes, the 1984 book Neuromancer and the witch’s hammer.
Great music from: Flatlined, dream theater, porcupine tree and more.
Some moves review and reall strange sidenews.


Kitaro’s sideshow #17

Nir is out of town, doing damgae to the rest of the world.
We have a shorter show this time and I got some help from morticia.
In this show we present Kingdom of the wicked by edignton and D’israeli
A list of invasion movies as a promo for War of the World
and some really strange sidenews