Comicology Podcast #26

Hey folks, I just put up the new comicology podcast. Click here to listen to it. It is sort of a rant, which I have never done before (Matt I hope that you dig it:) -N

CNI Episode 5

When you get the chance, check out episode 5. We discuss Lions, Tigers & Bears, Desolation Jones (thanks to Neils’ recommendation) and Alpha Shade (thanks to Chris & Joe at for sending us a copy)! Download and enjoy!

Kitaro’s Sideshow #12

Kitaro’s sideshow #12 is up and running. More weird new sidenews, more great music. We talk about the movie Alexander, the comics rising stars (again) and the soundtrack of cruel intentions. Its’ in Hebrew and it’s great Ziv

Artist Tim Sale!

Hey All! Take a listen to Comic News Insider Episode 4 and our interview with artist Tim Sale. We discuss a lot of his past work including, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Daredevil and Hulk. Enjoy the podcast! Stop by our site and check it out!

Kitaro’s Sideshow new website

It took us some time but it’s ready. the Kitaro’s Sideshow site is up and runing. The streaming page for the show is also up, nothing there yet untill friday when we upload the new show. Enjoy your day, Ziv

New Digital Strips Podacst

The latest DS podcast has been posted. Our comic picks for this week are: # Joe and Monkey by Zach Miller # The Front by Jerzy Drozd # Young Alien Types by Donny and Jim Newberry # Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire by Michael “Mookie” Terracciano Don’t miss our IRC chat for this week Wednesday […]

testing out a new thing

So yeah… what do you all think?

Kitaor’s sideshow #11

Hello and welcome to the 11th podcasting of kitaro’s sideshow. On the show this week we’re going to talk about the new sincity movie, one of the most anticipated comics adaptation movie in years. We also have some strange and disturbing sidenews, great music, recommendations and more. Direct your Ipodder to: Hope you enjoy […]

IRC chat event

We’re trying to expand and one of our first attempts has been an IRC chat room. Tonight we will be holding our first event in the digitalstrips chat room and we welcome everyone’s input. To connect to the chat room use any IRC client to connect to on port 6667 and enter the room […]


Comic News Insider is excited to be part of the Comics Podcasts Network! This is a great opportunity for the online comic book community to access information about comics (even in multiple languages!).

Comicology Podcast: issue #24

Hey folks, This is my first post over here at the CPN, for now I’m just going to give you a link to show #24 In this show I review Desolation Jones by Warren Ellis & JH Willams III. GREAT BOOK!!! Here is what the cover looks like. Go to the comic shop and buy […]

comic books in Israel #1

Israel is small. That’s one of the things kids here learn when they begin their geography classes. You can cross the country in less then a day and still have time to sit around with friends and eat dinner before getting a good night sleep. However we do not suffer for this, our cities are […]

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