Comics Alternative Interviews: Peter Normanton

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  • 00:24 – Introduction
  • 02:19 – Setup of interview
  • 04:13 – Interview with Peter Normanton
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Horror in the UK

On past episodes of The Comics Alternative, the Two Guys have discussed comics fandom and zine culture quite often, although usually the context surrounds American fan activity. But as Derek points out in his conversation with Peter Normanton, he has little knowledge of fanzines outside of the states, particularly within the United Kingdom. That’s why Peter’s latest book, It Crept from the Tomb, was such an enlightening read. Normanton was the publisher and editor of the UK horror zine, From the Tomb, which began in 2000 and ran for over 20-some issues. Several years ago, he was approached by Roy Thomas about the possibility editing a collection from the pages of his horror zine, and the result was The Best of From the Tomb, which came out from TwoMorrows Publishing in 2012. And then more recently, John Morrow asked Peter about a second “best of” collection surrounding From the Tomb…and this request eventually became Peter’s newest release, It Crept from the Tomb. In his conversation with Peter Normanton, Derek talks with his guest about his time as an editor and publisher, the history of comics in in the UK, his love of the horror genre and comics fandom, and the many challenges he faced in putting out a fanzine over the years.

NOTE: Over the course of Derek’s conversation with Peter, they experienced occasional problems with the internet connection. Peter lives in northwest Britain, and at times the connection on Skype was sketchy. So apologies in advance for the several breaks and momentary silences that are noticeable on Peter’s track. Still, the gist of his comments comes through clearly, so please overlook any technical difficulties they may have had.

Radio Free Asgard 317

This week we look at The Mighty Thor #397! The war against Seth continues as Balder wields the strength of Thor, we learn that magic is messed up! Plus Loki joins the fray! Nuff said!

Longbox Review 138: May 2018 Previews

Podcast 138: May 2018 Previews

George Hanna of the still defunct George and Tony Entertainment Show joins me to go over the May 2018 Previews catalog, which includes the new DC Previews, for items shipping starting in July.

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Alternate Reality – Episode 385

Alternate Reality – Episode #385

Comic Reviews:

Barrier #1
Justice League: No Justice #1
Isola #2
Avengers #1
Venom #1
Super Sons of Tomorrow Story Arch

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EMP Episode 138: Avengers Infinity War Movie Review

Tune In!

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE… There came a day much like several others.. In which Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters- and our brains- and our hearts- like a Smart-Guided-Stark-Bomb! Thanos became a household name. Ebony Maw became hardcore. Hulk got shy. And the Marvel Cinematic Universe was forever changed in ways so profound that even those who get paid big bucks to do so couldn’t possibly have predicted. The guys go inside and in-depth on when they cried, when they laughed, when they hurled and when the best moment for a pee-break was. PLUS: What will become of the weekly episode numbering system in a world where episodes arrive on a biweekly or possibly completely erratic schedule? Its all here with SPOILERS GALORE (always forget to put that in the beginning!) in this episode of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST! -‘Nuff Said? More than likely!  

0:07:38 Avengers Infinity War

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Comics Alternative, Episode 281: Reviews of James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner and NOW #3, as Well as a Look at the 2018 Eisner Award Nominations

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Modern and Different

This week Paul and Derek review two recent releases, and they also take the time to discuss this year’s Eisner Award nominations. They start off with Alfonso Zapico’s James Joyce: Portrait of a Dubliner – A Graphic Biography (Arcade Publishing). Originally published in Spanish, this is a look at the life of the famous Irish modernist, covering not only his accomplishments as a writer, but his family and personal relations, as well. As the guys discuss, Zapico’s text provides a general outline of the major events and relationships in Joyce’s life, but as with most comics-based biographies, the interiority of the subject is limited. At the same time, this is a well-paced and even detailed look at the author of Dubliners and Ulysses, with Zapico presenting a very human portrait of a writer most may only know from a critical distance.

After that, the Two Guys check out the latest issue of NOW, the Fantagraphics anthology edited by Eric Reynolds. This has become an ongoing obligation of The Comics Alternative, covering each issue of this anthology as it’s released. (Paul and Derek discussed NOW #1 last fall, and then Gene and Derek looked at NOW #2 back in January.) The latest collection brings together several artists contributing to previous issues — e.g., Noah Van Sciver, Eleanor Davis, and Dash Shaw — but also a variety of creators who are not only new to the anthology, but brand new to both Paul and Derek, as well. In fact, this is one of the things they enjoy about NOW, its diversity and the editor’s dedication to exposing the work of little-known comics artists. Some of the most notable pieces in this third issue are from contributors outside of North America, including Marcello Quintanhila (Brazil), Anne Simon (France), and Roberta Scomparsa (Italy).

The guys wrap up this week’s show with a discussion of the 2018 Eisner Award nominations. Paul and Derek do not make any predictions, nor do they second-guess the award judges or speculate as to internal dynamics about which they had no way of knowing. What they do discuss are the various creators and publishers under nomination, any trends or tendencies they can possibly discern from this year’s selections, the process of categorization and definition within the industry, and the sheer number of current nominees, artists and texts, that were actually discussed on The Comics Alternative.

Super Hero Speak – #258: Great Philly Comic Con 2018 – Part 2!

This week the guys talk about some of the latest news from Marvel and DC and bring you 2 more interviews from The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2018! The interviews are with comic book/horror writer Dirk Manning and artist Kari Lynn Smith. Together they created the comic book Hope, a dark an interesting twist on the superhero genre.  So sit back and enjoy!

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Comic News Insider Episode 851 – More TCAF w/ Emma Vieceli!

Comic News Insider: Episode 851 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Flavor #1, Justice League: No Justice #1-2, Mighty Thor At The Gates Of Valhalla #1, Agents of SHIELD s5 finale, Arrow s6 finale, Gotham s4 finale, Lucifer s3 finale, Riverdale s2 finale, Timeless s2 finale, Deadpool 2

Still lots of TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival) coverage! In this way too long episode (apologies for that!), you’ll hear the interview Jimmy did with good pal Emma Vieceli while at TCAF. They caught up on what she’s been working on, teased some other works and talked about their love of musicals. Joining Jimmy in the studio is Emmy Potter.  Lots of reviews so Jimmy gets some audio review help from friends Barry, Marta, Jessica, Ashley, and Rich and Iz! Many thanks for sending those awesome reviews. Jimmy and Emmy chat about that rumored Lando spin-off movie and indulge one another in their mutual Anglophenia. News includes: DC is teaming up with Looney Toons again, a new Wolverine series is coming this fall,  TV cancellations/renewals and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Mayo Report: 2018-04 Comics

John and Sam discuss the sales estimates for the top selling comic books for April 2018.

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The Legion Project 6: Silver Linings

Presenting a joint podcast production with Peter from The Daily Rios podcast (where you can also listen and subscribe to The Legion Project), where we will discuss, issue by issue, the 1984 Legion of Super-Heroes (volume 3) series affectionately known as the “Baxter run”.

In this episode, we discuss Legion of Super-Heroes #6, which is a spotlight on Lightning Lass titled “Silver Linings”.

Time Stamps:
(00:42) Preamble and listener feedback
(15:34) Legion of Super-Heroes issue 6 synopsis and initial reactions
(27:03) On artist Joe Orlando and comparing covers
(47:02) LSH #6 main discussion
(1:33:39) Brief thoughts on Batman ’66 Meets the LSH and Scooby-Doo Team-Up #33, “The Ghost of Ferro Lad!”
(1:44:07) Wrap up and Outro

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The Podcast of Oa Episode 120 – Bill leaves the building

After seven years co-host Bill Giancoli bids his goodbyes in his final episode of the Podcast of Oa.  The two share memories of how they met and how the podcast began along with some of their favorite moments over the course of their time together on the show.  Myron shared that he will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the IHeartGeek podcast that will focus on Blackest Night.  The two discuss some of the rumors circling the Green Lantern books as well the announcement of the new DC Universe streaming and the hope that maybe that will resurrect Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Comic’s talk this episode centers around the “Darkstars Rising” arc in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps issues 42-44.

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The Podcast of Oa is sponsored by Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop. Green Lantern and other related characters are the copyrighted property of DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission. The Blog of Oa and The Podcast of Oa are fan productions and do not claim any ownership over the Green Lantern or any other copyrighted properties.

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Giancarlo Volpe’s reaction to the renewal of Young Justice (

Show Notes
00:00:00 Intro
00:04:38 News and notes
00:18:19 Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #42-44
00:36:00 Saying goodbye to Bill
00:49:33 Closing

Weird Science Marvel Comics Podcast Ep 3: Avengers #2 – Marvel Fresh Start

Comic Book Savant Episode 380: Movie Talk: Deadpool 2

This episode I review the highly anticipated sequel Deadpool 2 from Twentieth Century Fox. I will discuss the film in full detail so this is a spoiler review, for a non spoiler review check out Enjoy!

EMP Episode 137: Ashes of Infinity

Tune In!

Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE… No Ifs, Ands or Butts- It’s HERE! The fellas get into the nooks and crannies, the highs the lows, the good, the bad and the whooly aspects of AVENGERS #1 It’s a new era, a new team, new creative and a new direction… and maybe a new origin? What did Jason Aaron bring from his various sojourns around the Marvel Universe to this epic new job helming Earth’s Mightiest Heroes? What does Ed McGuinness do best that’s not very nice? What’s more Rock n Roll, a Mastodon or a Mammoth? It’s all here in the latest episode of EARTH’S MIGHTIEST PODCAST! ‘Nuff-Celsior!  

0:18:38 Avengers (2108) #1

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Deconstructing Comics #593: Reading “Nancy”, plus “Cat and Mouse”!

How to Read Nancy

A comic strip gag can be a deceptively simple thing. Once you take it about — “deconstruct” it, one might say — you find that it actually has many moving parts.

Click to enlarge

Paul Karasik and Mark Newgarden‘s How to Read “Nancy” takes a close look at each of those parts — as well as arguing persuasively for Bushmiller’s underrated artistic chops, and giving us some comic-strip history as well. Tim and Patrick review.

Cat and Mouse

PLUS: Roland Mann, Dean Zachary, and Kevin Gallegly join Tim to talk about the return of Cat and Mouse!

Deconstructing Comics site