ComicsVerse Comic Book News Show Episode 1

ComicsVerse presents the Weekly Comics News Show — a weekly program bringing you the latest in comic book news, releases, and more. Host Patrick Aloia and his guest hosts (this week — Lilie Le Prevost) will scour through releases and news stories every week to get you exactly what you need to be up to date in the world of comics.

What was Rhode Island Comic Con like in 2016? Here’s our wrap-up video!

This week we’re featuring stories on CBLDF’s release statement, and a big surprise in YOUNG JUSTICE. CBLDF’s statement on Simon & Schuster’s decision to publish Milo Yiannopoulos’ memoir is largely non-committal but also admonishing of efforts to protest the book. YOUNG JUSTICE’s co-creator Greg Weisman confirmed that a character in the DC cartoon series is LGBT.

Want more Lilie? Duh! We all do! She interviewed Tim Jones at Rhode Island Comic Con this year!

For new releases, we’re featuring Marvel’s INHUMANS vs X-MEN, which is on their third issue (#2 since they started with #0) where things start to come to a head between the X-Men and the Inhumans as they fight for survival. And for DC, we’re featuring ALL-STAR BATMAN, which begins a new storyline featuring Mr. Freeze, which proves to be as fun as you’d expect. The featured Image release is the highly anticipated GOD COUNTRY, which has a big sword, which is good and important. We’ll also talk about Darkhorse, BOOM! Studios, and IDW.

Lilie kicks ass at this Bob Camp interview at this year’s Rhode Island Comic Con!

Stay tuned for updates on all of ComicsVerse’s video content and our new weekly comics news show, and check out our Facebook Live and Instagram Live videos while we produce the show to meet the hosts, the crew, and get a peek at what it takes to get a weekly show running.

Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show Episode 139: This Time It’s Personal: The 2016 Crises Awards

It’s awards season, and you know what that means: networks will cynically use the concept of an awards show to fill time by looking back at old entertainment rather than looking forward and creating something new. By which we mean: welcome to the third annual Crisis On Infinite Midlives Crises awards!

2016 was a weird year for comics and genre entertainment: there was some spectacular work from areas that no one would have guessed even a year ago, and some real garbage fires from people and organizations who one would think we could count on. And we go back and sift through all of it, one last time, before we move onward and upward into an uncertain year where Wolverine will retire, Spider-Man will come home, Warren Ellis will regain his authority, and we choose to believe that General Leia Organa will, to coin a phrase, just fade away.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Best and worst comic series / miniseries
  • Best and worst comic event
  • Best single issue
  • Best and worst genre movie
  • Best and worst genre TV
  • Biggest surprise and disappointment of 2016, and:
  • Most and least anticipated entertainments of 2017!

And, the disclaimers:

  • This show contains spoilers. That said: this show contains discussions about all comics and genre entertainment of 2016. You’ve had a lot of time to get up to speed here. Still and all: consider yourself warned.
  • This show contains adult, profane language, and is therefore not safe for work. We talk about Civil War II and Spider-Clones here, which means we’ll use language that will get you fired. Get some headphones.

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 106: DC Rebirth Week 30, Worrisome Williams and the Sweat Hogs

Eric is away…or is he?  Actually, he isn’t, but noone was sure until the podcast was over.  Reggie joined in to fill the slack and the three of them talk about so many books that this one is for the record books.  They also talk 70’s television, the chances that 4 adults would shit their pants in one week and other questions of the Universe.  Enjoy!

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Comics Alternative, Euro Comics: Reviews of Equinoxes and Clear Blue Tomorrows

Listen to the podcast!

Time and Tide

Time Codes:

  • 00:00:27 – Introduction
  • 00:03:17 – Setting up Pedrosa and Vehlmann
  • 00:08:08 – Equinoxes and other Pedrosa titles
  • 00:51:14 – Clear Blue Tomorrows and other Vehlmann titles
  • 01:26:01 – Wrap up
  • 01:29:12 – Contact us


It’s the first Euro Comics episode of the new year, and Edward and Derek use the occasion to focus on the work of two contemporary French creators, using their latest books as springboards into their larger bodies of work. They begin with Cyril Pedrosa’s Equinoxes (NBM Publishing), a novelistic examination of life purpose and the uses we make of art in creating meaning. The text comprises four alternating storylines that become more enmeshed as the narrative progresses, combining comics with prose passages in establishing its contemplative tone. But Edward and Derek also bring in discussions of Pedrosa’s earlier works in translation, including Three Shadows (First Second), Hearts at Sea (Dupuis/Europe Comics) and Portugal (Dupuis/Europe Comics).

Next, the Two Guys examine Clear Blue Tomorrows, written by Fabien Vehlmann with art by Ralph Meyer and Bruno Gazzotti (Cinebook). This book is basically a series of science-fiction or fantastic stories brought together by a broader narrative frame: a time traveler from a dystopian future tasked with ghost writing stories for the would-be tyrant in hopes of changing the man’s occupational trajectory. It’s a curious spin on the “killing Hitler” sci-fi trope, though narratively reminiscent of One Thousand and One Nights. The guys also discuss several of Vehlmann’s other works, including Last Days of an Immortal (Archaia), Beautiful Darkness (Drawn and Quarterly), and the all-age series Alone (Cinebook). There’s a lot packed into this episode…and so many reading ideas!


EMP Episode 116: Avengorial Goodness

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE… Civil War II hobbles to and end…The Ultimates define the state of the Marvel Cosmos…squared. We discuss whether they’re in fact “cosmic beings”…or just abstracts (and the difference there in?) Are the creators of Occupy Avengers checking out our podcast for ideas? Or do all Native folks reference Thunderheart when there’s action on the Rez? The retcon-o-rama of the Avengers “point” series takes on perhaps more meaning and trust us, everything described above comes out funny. AND: the bridge we’ve got for sale in Brooklyn. All this and more in EMP Episode 116!

0:00:00 Sponsor
0:10:47 Feedback
0:25:30 Civil War II (2016) #8
0:46:29 Avengers (2016) #2
0:58:00 Avengers (2016) #2.1
1:07:26 Champions (2016) #3
1:16:20 Occupy Avengers (2016) #2
1:26:29 Ultimates 2 (2016) #2
1:45:20 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #17
1:51:29 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #18
Quick Hits
2:09:42 Mighty Captain Marvel (2016) #0
2:12:10 Hawkeye (2016) #1
2:16:03 Hulk (2016) #1

Music: EMP theme song
By Tribe One

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Deconstructing Comics #531: “Little in Japan” & “Cucumber Quest”


When webcomics creators aren’t creating webcomics, what are they reading? This week we check in with a couple of creators whose work we’ve looked at previously — Victor Edison and Maya Kern — and get their recommendations: Chris Carlier’s “Little in Japan” and G.G. Digi’s “Cucumber Quest“!

Deconstructing Comics site

The Grawlix Podcast #37: Old Tom’s Blue Mold Abduction

This episode the Grawlix Podcast goes on a post-apocalyptic Nordic adventure with the return of Webcomic Recommendations and Stand Still, Stay Silent. They then get divided in a way that has never happened before with the long overdue Invisibles Book 1 review. The show wraps up with a Doctor Who: Return of Doctor Mysterio Christmas Special discussion. Enjoy!

Show Notes and Links


00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings

00:01:05 – CGI Dead Actors


00:04:04 – Upcoming Episodes, Embracing the New Schedule


00:07:11 – Stand Still, Stay Silent by Minna Sundberg


00:15:51 – Invisibles Book 1: Say You Want a Revolution


00:44:36 – Doctor Who: The Return of Doctor Mysterio (Christmas Special)


00:54:25 – Letters Page, Upcoming Episodes (Reprise)

00:58:12 – Outro

The Grawlix Podcast Links

Comics in the Golden Age Podcast Mini Episode 26: Sub Mariner Comics 35

Mike discusses the Sub-Mariner, the Atlas superhero revival of the 1950s, and the Namor tv series that almost was.

The Comics in the Golden Age Podcast is available through iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play, or at our website,

Weekly Comics Spotlight #491: 2017-01-04

John and Drew discuss FALL AND RISE OF CAPTAIN ATOM #1 by DC, US AVENGERS #1 by Marvel and WALKING DEAD #162 by IMAGE COMICS.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
10:24 Marvel: US AVENGERS #1
32:29 General discussion
45:24 Next Week Promo
45:35 Wrap up
46:04 End of episode.

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The Podcast of Oa Episode 110 – Emerald Space, the Final Frontier

Co-hosts Bill Giancoli and Myron Rumsey are back with episode 110 of The Podcast of Oa.  This episode we are talking about the latest issue of Green Lanterns and Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps.  Myron shares information about the birth defect he was born with as part of the March of Dimes national birth defect awareness month.  The duo also responds to a number of fantastic listener emails about the nature of Volthoom, Kyle’s infidelity and more.

The Podcast of Oa is the official podcast of The Blog of Oa and a proud member of the Comics Podcast Network. Share your comments and questions by calling the show’s voicemail line at 406-PODOFOA (406-763-6362) while Skype users can leave a voicemail on the show’s account, blogofoa. Send your emails to You can also find the Blog and Podcast of Oa on Facebook and Google+.
The Podcast of Oa is sponsored by Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop. Green Lantern and other related characters are the copyrighted property of DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission. The Blog of Oa and The Podcast of Oa are fan productions and do not claim any ownership over the Green Lantern or any other copyrighted properties.

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Show Notes
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:42 Green Lanterns #1314
00:21:55 Listener feedback
00:50:32 Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #1011
01:06:13 Closing

Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 87 – Season 5


Comic book round table. This week, we have – Uncanny Avengers #19, Atom Rebirth #1, God Country #1, U.S. Avengers #1, Titans #7, and more ………..

Run Times –
News In Comics…. – 6:39- 19:12
Uncanny Avengers #19 – 19:16 – 28:55
Atom Rebirth #1 – 28:55 – 43:38
God Country #1 – 43:38– 55:10
U.S. Avengers #1 – 55:10- 1:12:09
Titans #7 – 1:12:09- 1:26:06
Books to look for – 1:26:42
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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #263: Dave Romeo

Wayne Hall, Wayne’s Comics, Dave Romeo, Comics on the Green, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Civil War, Marvel, Rebirth, Image, Walking Dead, Indie comics, event, Captain America, Iron Man, Batman

Ready to visit the front lines of the comics industry? In this week’s episode, #263, I talk with Dave Romeo, the owner and operator of Comics on the Green, a high-power comics shop that’s been a standard setter for the industry since Dave opened it over two decades ago! Dave understands both the business and fan aspects of comics, so we talk about everything from how 2016 went in his shop to what he envisions taking place in 2017. We discuss comics companies including Marvel, DC, Image and AfterShock, as well as the impact of comics-related moves and TV shows on local stores, among other fascinating things! The store’s website is at this link, and you can also find out more by checking out their Facebook page and keeping up with them on Twitter. Don’t miss this entertaining and informative interview!


Weird Science DC Comics Podcast 2016 DC Comics End of Year Awards Live!

It’s time for the Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Best of 2016 Awards Show. Join Jim, Reggie and Eric as they pick their favorite Writer, Artist and Book of the Year, plus so much more…and it’s LIVE!  Well, it was LIVE when they recorded it.  Enjoy!

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Comic Frontline 2016 Awards!

The Comic Frontline 2016 Awards is an annual show that we do where we spend months nominating, deliberating and voting. Our choices DO NOT reflect any one single Frontline member, but the group’s through the voting process. Hope you enjoy!

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Airship 27 Podcast #23: Comanche Blood

Captain Ron Fortier and Chief Engineer Rob Davis return to the skies with a brand new episode of the Airship 27 Podcast!

This episode, they discuss their first release of 2017, Comanche Blood, updates on the Brother Bones movie (locations, casting and more!), their latest Sherlock Holmes volume on Radio Archives and more!

Plus, they spend a bulk of the episode answering listener questions before closing out the show!