Super Hero Speak – #213: Marvel Enhancements

This week the guys discuss if Venom is part of the MCU and who his villain will be in his solo movie. Can Ron Howard direct Han Solo to shoot first? And who will die and who will survive Infinity war? All this while auditioning a second candidate for the  empty host slot! Sit back and enjoy!
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Comic News Insider Episode 778 – More Heroes Con w/ Cara McGee!

Comic News Insider: Episode 778 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Crosswind #1, Lobo/Road Runner Special #1, Peter Parker: Spectacular Spider-Man #1, Shirtless Bear-Fighter #1, Wonder Woman/Tasmanian Devil Special #1, American Gods finale, Hotel Transylvania: The Series premiere, Preacher S2 premiere

Jon Hoche returns after a week off to the rotating co-host chair! More Heroes Con coverage this week as well. Jimmy chats with Cara McGee (Over the Garden Wall) at her table at Heroes Con and learns about her fascinating life as a cartoonist, former pastry chef, how she taught herself Japanese to read manga, creating tea blends and more! News includes: a Watchmen television series is in development, Ron Howard takes over directing duties on the Han Solo film, the Bumblebee solo film may see him in his original VW Bug form, and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Come back later this week for more Heroes Con interviews and panel coverage! 


Clue (1985)

John and Kay have a spoilers filled discussion about the classic Clue movie from 1985.

Clue @
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X-Men Monday #2: What Ninjas?

Ryan and Allen discuss the X-Men books released the week of June 21, 2017. The guys give their overall thoughts on the books and ResurrXion line. Plus some Fastball Tweets from the #XMENMONDAY thread. Thanks for listening!

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Retcon X – Living Weapons

Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show Episode 154: Contractually Obligated to be Family Friendly

At face value, there is nothing impressive or exciting about crossovers between DC Comics and Looney Tunes or Hanna Barbara. We didn’t pay a ton of attention to these books when they started dropping last year, until we finally picked a couple of them up out of a combination of seeking relief from the impending invasion of Watchmen characters into the DC Universe, and the kind of base rubbernecking instinct that makes people slow down to look at car wrecks, or non-Mission Impossible Tom Cruise starring vehicles.

Man, were we wrong, Almost to a one, these crossovers have been some of the most fun comics on the shelves when they appear. A pile of these crossovers came out this week, and a bunch of interesting and unexpected, yet entertaining, pairings happened! Along with the expected, somewhat disturbing, pairing between Batman and Catwoman!

So we’re talking a pile of books this week, including:

  • Batman #25, written by Tom King with art by Mikel Janin,
  • Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1, written by Chip Zdarsky with art by Adam Kubert,
  • WMD: Weapons of Mutant Destruction #1, written by Greg Pak with art by Mahmud Asrar,
  • Wonder Woman / Tasmanian Devil #1, Written by Tony Bedard with art by Barry Kitson and Ben Caldwell,
  • Lobo / Road Runner #1, written by Bill Morrison with art by Morrison and Kelley Jones, and:
  • Nick Fury #3, written by James Robinson with art by Aco!

Alas, cartoon books or no, the disclaimers:

  • This show contains spoilers. If you don’t want to know whether or not the coyote gets the road runner, it’s because you’ve seen as many Saturday morning cartoons as we have and you know damn well what the answer is.
  • This show contains adult, profane language, and is therefore not safe for work. We know the title says “Family Friendly.” Charles Manson also had a family. Listen with headphones.

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#553 “Wilson”: the comic, the movie


Daniel Clowes’ 2010 graphic novel Wilson tells the story of a guy who can’t help but tell you exactly how he feels about you, and the pain which that attitude hides. Earlier this year, a movie version of the book was released, starring Woody Harrelson. How do the book and film compare?

This week, two sets of DCP regulars approach “Wilson” from different angles. First, Tim and Mulele review the book; then, Kumar and Emmet discuss the movie.

Deconstructing Comics site

Comics Alternative Interviews: Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock

Listen to the podcast!

Time Codes:

  • 00:25 – Introduction
  • 02:31 – Setup of interview
  • 03:11 – Interview with Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock
  • 54:00 – Wrap up
  • 57:40- Contact us


Sailing Takes Me Away…

On this interview episode, Gwen and Derek are pleased to have as their guest the creators behind the Four Points books, Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock. The second (and perhaps final) work in the series, Knife’s Edge, comes out this week from Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and your two highly credentialed cohosts talk with the creators about the new book and follow up to last year’s Compass South. Over the course of their conversation Rebecca and Hope discuss the genesis of the project, their process for collaboration, the research that went into the two books, and the evolution of the various characters that populate their narrative. They even tease a little bit about their yet-unannounced new collaboration that’s completely separate from the Four Points series.


Weekly Comics Spotlight #514: 2017-06-14

John and Drew discuss DARK DAYS: THE FORGE #1 by DC, X-MEN BLUE #5 by Marvel and NORMANDY GOLD #1 by TITAN COMICS.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:16:58 Marvel: X-MEN BLUE #5
0:50:11 General discussion
1:03:34 Next Week Promo
1:03:45 Wrap up
1:04:15 End of episode.

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Columbus Comics Corner: NCBW #39

NCBW EP 39: Tank Girl, Silver Surfer, Ironheart and more!!!

(2:28) Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #1
(11:37) Super Sons #5
(22:12) World War Tank Girl #3
(32:39) Silver Surfer #12
(42:17) Ironheart #8
(54:00) Rankings
(1:02:13) Honorable Mentions
(1:07:22) Episode 40 Preview

Music by Ongface

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast Ep 129: DC Comics Rebirth, Batman and Where do you get off

The Weird Science Gang get together and talk a ton of books, have some laughs and almost have a heart attack over Batman.  It’s all in good fun…or is it?

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Weird Science DC Comics Podcast New 52 Review Ep 9: Catwoman Vol 1 – The Game

Jim and Eric sit down and talk about Catwoman Vol 1; The Game.  It is one of the books that neither of them read back in the day so both of them were eager to see what they thought.

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CCC: Talking Legion Quest Part 2


Legion has gone mad, seduces his future mother, and plans to kill Magneto? Allen and Ryan wrap up their coverage of Legion Quest and discuss the end of the X-Men!?

– Uncanny Vol 1 X-Men #321
– Cable Vol 1 #20
– X-Men Vol 2 #41

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #286: Jason Bienvenu and Brandon Gary

At the recent Comicpalooza convention in Houston, I met both Brandon Gary and Jason Bienvenu, comics creators who work so well together that they have two trades now available! First we talk about Dusk, and then wrap everything up by discussing The Kingdom: Rise of the Ape King! That latter graphic novel has a Kickstarter going on right now for action figures you’ll love, so be sure to check out the project at this link! You can keep up with Jason at this link, and follow Brandon at this location!