EMX Episode 44: Mutant Harder

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form EMX!

In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we review X-Men books books of July and August 2016.

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All-New Wolverine (2015) #10-11
All New X-Men (2015) #11-12
Civil War II: X-Men (2016) #2-3
Extraordinary X-Men (2016) #12-13
Old Man Logan (2016) #8-10
Uncanny X-Men (2016) #10-11
X-Men ’92 (2016) #5-6
All New Wolverine Annual (2015) #1

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EMP Episode 111: Agents of S.T.A.C.H.E.

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

In this episode we review Marvel Comics Avengers books books of July 2016.

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0:13:39 Midtro
0:17:10 A-Force (2016) #7
0:24:17 All New All Different Avengers (2015) #12
0:33:39 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #11
0:39:56 FCBD 2016 Civil War II
0:45:48 Civil War II #0
0:55:58 Civil War II #1
1:06:40 New Avengers (2015) #13
1:17:28 New Avengers (2015) #14
1:24:32 Ultimates (2015) #9
1:33:07 Sam Wilson Captain America (2016) #11
1:34:01 Totally Awesome Hulk (2016) #8-9
1:39:49 Captain Marvel (2016) #7

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Comic News Insider Episode 722 – The CNI Patronus!


Comic News Insider: Episode 722 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Britannia #1, Seven to Eternity #1, Trinity Vol 2 #1, Agents of SHIELD S4 premiere, Once Upon A Time S6 premiere, Son of Zorn series premiere, Star Wars Rebels S3 premiere, Van Helsing series premiere 

Jimmy welcomes back Emily Edwards in the rotating co-host chair! They chat about Jimmy’s lame Pottermore patronus and go over some of the NYCC coverage he plans on getting. News includes: a penguin named Penguin will be joining Winnie the Pooh in a new story, an untitled stand alone Star Wars film is set for a 2020 release, KaBOOM! will publish The Deep by Tom Taylor/James Brouwer and Amazon’s The Tick has been picked up to series. Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Super Hero Speak – #174: A Cage-y Proposition

This week the guys talk about The Tick and Agent’s of SHIELD premiers. Also they discuss the rumors that a certain Marvel vigilante might be making an appearance on Agents. Plus Dave has a wish for this season of Agents that no one wants to see be fulfilled. Finally John tries to start a rumor that the others have to quickly stop. All this and so much more. So sit back and Enjoy!


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Comics Alternative, Episode 207: Reviews of The Lost Work of Will Eisner, Libby’s Dad, and Blubber #3

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“It is a liquidy issue”


Time Codes:


This week on The Comics Alternative, Andy and Derek discuss three new titles that are quite different in tone. They begin with The Lost Work of Will Eisner, a collection of Eisner’s earliest known professional comics. This began as a Kickstarter campaign last year from Locust Moon Press, and just last week the book went on sale to the general public. The collection is made up of two serial strips, the pantomime gag comic Uncle Otto and the espionage adventure Harry Karry. While they do talk about the former, it’s Harry Karry that interests the guys more. They spend a lot of time discussing some of the problems of that action-packed strip — e.g., its racist caricatures and its abrupt shift in narrative direction and art style — and how it can be read as a testing ground for what Eisner would later do in The Spirit.

Next, the Two Guys turn their attention to Eleanor Davis’s Libby’s Dad. This is one of the latest books from Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics, a publisher that has become a favorite of the show. This is a straightforward and deceptively simple short story about a young girls’ pool party and sleepover. The power behind this tale is Davis’s ability to focalize the action through her teenage female narrator and to do so in a detached and non-judgmental manner.

Finally, Derek and Andy discuss a much less innocent text. Gilbert Hernandez’s Blubber #3 (Fantagraphics) is, in many ways, more explicit and more potentially offensive than the previous issue, which the guys discussed back in April. And back then they thought that issue #2 was “worse” than the first. So what is it about Hernandez’s obscene free-for-all that keeps drawing the guys’ attention? Perhaps they are just on board for everything Hernandez does. Perhaps they see Beto as a happy First Amendment rebel. Perhaps they are mesmerized by Hernandez’s attempts to out-Crumb Robert Crumb. Or perhaps Andy and Derek are just two warped sickos who get their jollies talking about offensive comics for the podcast. You decide.



Wizard World Austin 2016

John and Kay discuss Wizard World Austin 2016.

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Comic Book Savant Episode 307: Movie Talk: Warcraft


This week I am still playing catch up on the summer movie reviews with Warcraft it will be an spoiler filled review so be warned. Also I will discuss some of the comics that came out a few years ago that tied to the Warcraft franchise and also discuss the possibility of this becoming a franchise. Enjoy!

Two Dimension | Episode 171

 photo woodspiritcover_zps5bybdqti.jpg
The Outer Space Spirit
By Will Eisner, Wally Wood And Jules Feiffer.

Al and Don are back and start it off with The Outer Space Spirit, Will Eisner, comic magazines of the seventies and Barney Google. Johnny Hazard By Frank Robbins leads into the influence of Milton Caniff and Noel Sickles on the newspaper adventure strip, and finishes with books by François Rivière and Marguerite Abouet.


Find Past Episodes At Two Dimension | Comic Book Podcast.

Comic Frontline Live #123: Sour Patch Gyros!


The crew returns to discuss the latest in comic news, discuss their worst picks, and reveal their Top 5 picks for the week! Where did Doom Patrol #1 fall?

Find more at www.comicfrontline.com and www.youtube.com/comicfrontline

Video version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bg38mkAu5dw

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #351 Part II: Superman Family Comic Book Cover Dated December 1962: World’s Finest Comics #130!

Superman Fan Podcast Episode #351 Part II: Superman Family Comic Book Cover Dated December 1962!

World’s Finest Comics 130, December 1962!

Download Episode 351 Part II!

WORLD’S FINEST COMICS 130, December 1962, was published on October 25, 1962. It contained 32 pages for the cover price of 12¢. The editor was Jack Schiff, and the cover was pencilled by Jim Mooney, according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics and the Comic Book Database, while the Grand Comic Book Database credits Dick Dillon. Sheldon Moldoff was the inker and Ira Schnapp the letterer.

– Superman and Batman starred in the thirteen page story titled, RIDDLE OF THE FOUR PLANETS, written by Jerry Coleman and drawn by Jim Mooney. This story was reprinted in WORLD’S FINEST COMICS 206, October/November 1971, published on August 5, 1971. It contained 64 pages for the cover price of a quarter. It was also reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: WORLD’S FINEST vol. II.

– Aquaman and Aqualad were featured in the seven page story, KING OF THE LAND BEASTS, writer unknown according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics, while the Grand Comic Book Database lists the writer as possibly (?) Bob Haney (?). The artist was Ramona Fradon. This story was reprinted in SHOWCASE PRESENTS: AQUAMAN vol. II.

– Green Arrow and Speedy were highlighted in the six page story titled, THE HUMAN SHARKS, writer unknown according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics, while the Grand Comic Book Database lists the writer as possibly (?) Bob Haney (?). The Comic Book Database lists the writer as Ed Herron. The artist was Lee Elias.

Also highlighted in this episode were this issue’s ads and other features.

Elsewhere in DC Comics 31 titles carried the December or December 1962/January 1963 cover date, according to Mike’s Amazing World Of DC Comics. They were covered at the end of Episode 293 for the week of Wednesday, February 5, 2014.


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Comics Alternative Interviews: Andy Hirsch

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Western Fun


Time Codes:

  • 00:24 – Introduction
  • 02:25 – Setup of interview
  • 03:32 – Interview with Andy Hirsch
  • 48:38 – Wrap up
  • 49:43 – Contact us


The Two Guys with PhDs (Talking about Comics) are happy to have Andy Hirsch as their guest. Actually, Andy has been on the podcast a number of times before, but usually for short interviews at on-location events. But now, for the first time, Andy Hirsch sits down with Derek and Andy for a sustained episode-long conversation. Most of their discussion centers on Andy’s brand new book, Varmints, just out from First Second. Andy shares the genesis of the premise and how he first began mapping out his characters in a series of self-published minicomics. The guys also talk about the all-age focus of Varmints and how a publisher like First Second is the perfect platform to reach a broader audience. But they also discuss Andy’s other works, such as the recently-completed Baker Street Peculiars (co-created with Roger Langdridge), his work on Garfield, and even his earlier miniseries, The Royal Historian of Oz (along with Tommy Kovac). Andy Hirsch is a long-time friend of show, so this interview is more like a coming home than an introduction.



Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at SPX 2016, Pt. 3

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 Let’s Get Small…One Last Time


Time Codes:


In this final episode of the on-location interviews conducted at Small Press Expo 2016, Derek talks with Theora Kvitka, Sophie Goldstein, Melanie Gillman, Carolyn Nowak, Zack Soto, Jarod Roselló, Kevin Budnik, Andrea Tsurumi, Julia Gfrörer, and Joshua W. Cotter. Much thanks to everyone who was a part of these SPX episodes, the creators as well as the publishers, and who made all of these recordings possible!


Comics Alternative, On Location: Talking with Creators at SPX 2016, Pt. 2

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Let’s Get Small…Again


Time Codes:


In this second in a three-episode series of on-location interviews conducted at Small Press Expo this past weekend, Derek talks with Jessica Campbell, Molly Ostertag, Pranas Naujokaitis, Luke Healy, Kel McDonald, Dakota McFadzean, C. Spike Trotman, Cheese Hasselburger, and Keiler Roberts.


Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #242: Stan “Action” Lee! Civil War! Ghost Rider! Revolution!

Stan Lee Action Movie James Bond

On this podcast we talk about the newest action star: Stan Lee. Then we review the coming of Ghost Rider on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the “death” in Civil War #5 and Revolution #1. Listen in!

What did you think of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Head over to our podcast Facebook page and let us know.

The Comics Noob Podcast Ep 17- Monster Men, Holy Trinity & Gunslinging


This week we dive right in to Night of the Monster Men parts 1 & 2. Then we sit down for dinner with the Top 3 in Trinity. Followed by some sick gunslinging in Kingsway West and finishing with a little demon hunting with our pal Lucas Stand.


3:25 Batman 07 / Nightwing 05 “Night of the Monster Men Parts  1 & 2”

31:24 Trinity 01

46:10 Kingsway West 02

54:46 Lucas Stand 04


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