New Comic Book Spotlight: Super Sons #13

This week the guys review Super Sons #13. But before that, Ryan and Allen are joined by Rob, touching on the recent news of Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur getting picked up for TV and Marvel’s latest relaunch announcement. Tons of speculation as there aren’t solid details as of yet. But hey, that’s what comic book geeks do. Thanks for listening!

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Super Hero Speak – #246: Wakanda Forever

This week the guys review the latest film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. A movie so epic that they invited Mark from the So Wizard podcast to join in and help with the heavy lifting. Black Panther is the 18th film in the 10 year reign of the MCU and yet there is no sign of Marvel slowing down. So listen to what we have to say then let us know what you thought of Black Panther. Enjoy!

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Comics Alternative, Episode 269: Reviews of The Lie and How We Told It, Abbott #1, and Punks Not Dead #1

Time Codes:


That ’70s Podcast

This week Gene and Derek discuss three fascinating titles…and with a ’70s twist! They begin with Tommi Parrish’s The Lie and How We Told It (Fantagraphics). Both had encountered Parrish’s work previously in the first two issues of the Now anthology, but this is the first long-form narrative from them that the guys have read. This is an intriguing work that begs for multiple readings and provides much discussion fodder. After that, Gene and Derek turn to two recent #1 issues. Saladin Ahmed and Sami Kivelä’s Abbott (BOOM! Studios) is a crime noir story set in the early 1970s, and with a curious injection of horror. Punks Not Dead, the latest from IDW’s Black Crown imprint, is a wild tale from David Barnett and Martin Simmonds, one that mixes punk sensibilities with what appears to be X-Files-like undercurrent.

Mayo Report: 2018-01 Comics

John and Sam discuss the sales estimates for the top selling comic books for January 2018.

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Comic News Insider Episode 832 – Wakanda Forever!

Comic News Insider: Episode 832 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Reviews: Death of Love #1, Kick-Ass Vol 4 #1, Sideways #1, Black Panther film

Emily Edwards returns to co-hosting! Jimmy talks about meeting 2 of the 3 hosts of one of his favorite podcasts, My Dad Wrote A Porno and how dark Star Wars: Rebels has gotten. News includes: Marvel is having a “fresh start”, Abrams Books is publishing Congressman John Lewis’s new graphic novel called Run, Frank Miller is writing/drawing a new comic series based on his previous series 300 and more! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Crisis On Infinite Midlives Show Episode 172: Embezzly McCokeHabit

With all the excitement and hype surrounding last week’s release of Marvel Studios’s Black Panther, it’s easy to forget that, when the movie was announced as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase Three three and a half years ago, it looked to be nothing but a flick about another mid-tier character just to keep our juices flowing until Infinity War. While we loved Black Panther when he was pulled out of his element in Wakanda and dropped into a gritty pulp action story, his day-to-day adventures at home never set our world on fire, and we were looking far less forward to this than we were, say, Captain Marvel.

Since then, Marvel installed an A-list director who turned the movie into something much more than the half-decent filler in between Avengers movies we initially expected. We saw the movie this weekend (in a local theater packed in a way we haven’t seen since the first Spider-Man movie), and we discuss, in a spoiler-filled way, how we liked it, what worked for us and what didn’t, the worldbuilding and the depth of the character bench, and some of the political commentary we found to be embedded in the film.

We also discuss January 24th’s Doomsday Clock #3, written by Geoff Johns with art by Gary Franks. This is the third issue in the DCU / Watchmen universe crossover, and we go into it in depth in a segment which we’re beginning to refer to, here at the Crisis On Infinite Midlives Home Office, as “Dr. Manhattan Can’t Do That, Dammit!”

This show was recorded live to tape, with minimal editing. So if you’ve been looking for a comics podcast where one of the hosts wants to move to Wakanda so they can find someone competent to program their Nest thermostat, you’ve come to the right place.

Comic Book Savant Episode 367: Movie Talk: Black Panther

This episode I review the first of many highly anticipated movies this year Black Panther. I will discuss the film in full detail so this is a spoiler review, for a non spoiler review check out Enjoy!

Comics Alternative for Young Readers: Reviews of The Prince and the Dressmaker and Speak: The Graphic Novel

Time Codes:


Art and Perceptions

Gwen and Paul are back with another Young Readers episode. For February, they discuss two recent publications, both that explore how perceptions, for better or for worse, figure into our lives. They begin with Jen Wang’s The Prince and the Dressmaker (First Second), a fairy tale-like narrative focusing on romance, identity, and creativity. Next, they look at Speak: The Graphic Novel (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux), a comics adaptation of Laurie Halse Anderson’s young adult novel Speak. Illustrated by Emily Carroll, it’s a story of a young high school outcast who uses art to confront the hardships that have kept her on the margins.

Super Podcasto Magnifico! Ep. #270: Black Panther Movie Review!

Black Panther Movie Review

On this podcast we review Black Panther. Was it a masterpiece? Best Marvel film yet? These questions will be answered! Spoilers ahead. Listen in!

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Top 5 Comics Podcast Episode 106 – Season 6

Comic book round table. This week, we have – Detective Comics #974, Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock #1, Legenderry Red Sonja #1, Marvel Two in One #3, Sideways #1, Interview with Ian Flynn and more ………..

Run Times –

News In Comics…. – 1:53 – 16:30

Detective Comics #974 – 17:32 – 25:03

Infinity Countdown Adam Warlock #1 – 25:03 – 29:46

Legenderry Red Sonja #1– 29:46 – 38:24

Marvel Two-In-One #3 – 38:24 – 51:19

Sideways #1 – 51:19 – 1:04:34


Interview with Ian Flynn at Denver Comic Con 2017 – 1:04:35 – 1:13:20

For More On Ian Check Out


Books to look for – 1:17:34


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X-Men Monday Ep. 36: Terminator vs Time Cop

A lot of books wrap up this week and the Venom X crossover continues to get underway. The guys thought this might be a quick and to the point episode. But some how still find a way to talk for awhile. While Ryan and Allen may disagree on shiping Domino and Warpath, they still see eye to eye on Weapon X not being good. Plus the guys go over listener emails and tweets from the episode thread. Want to support the podcast? Check out our Patreon, here. Thanks for listening!

Intro/News (0:00), X-Men Blue #21 (11:48), Cable #154 (26:26), Old Man Logan #35 (40:34), Weapon X #14 (49:35), Fastball Tweets (1:01:15), General Discussion (1:26:00)

Retcon X – “Phoenix Rising”
Ongface – “Sax Me Your Resume”

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#586 Flirting with death, and recovering your life

This week Koom interviews Prabal Purkayastha, author of Flirting with Death, about how he tried to use the structure of a comic to communicate music, and how his next project is just the opposite of this one.

Then, what would you do if you found yourself on a park bench along a city street, and you knew where you were but you didn’t know who you were? Your home, friends, family, job, all forgotten. Tim and Eugenia review the French graphic novel Blank Slate, by Boulet and Penelope Bagieu, in which a young woman in Paris encounters exactly this problem.

Deconstructing Comics site

EMP Episode 134w.1: Avengers Fever

Tune In!
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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE…The Players behind the game in Avengers: No Surrender are finally revealed and cosmic balance of power comes into view. Beast and Wasp continue to try and cure Jarvis of… AVENGERS FEVER! Is Johnny Storm dead? Or just another pawn to be maneuvered on the game board? And what’s at stake when the Elders of the Universe battle in a match of Cosmic PING PONG? Plus: A new artist takes over pencil duties. After Pepe Larraz, can they take the heat?

0:00:13 Emails
0:18:23 Avengers (2016) #679

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The Grawlix Podcast #63: Passive-Aggressive Confidence

Grawlix Podcast Daredevil Born Again

Daredevil: Born Again is this month’s Poll List review. Randy also announces the Grawlix Cinematic Universe podcast, the G-Crew derail into The Punisher and Legion TV series discussion and more. Enjoy!

This episode originally appeared on

Show Notes and Links


00:00 – Intro/Greetings


02:20 – Pro Wrestling Iowa Network friends take over Capital Wrestling Podcast

03:22 – Our Upcoming 4th Anniversary

05:03 – Grawlix Cinematic Universe Podcast


09:54 – Next Month’s Poll List Pick – Owlgirls #1

13:45 – Daredevil: Born Again


51:50 – Audio feedback from Matt Downs and Jerry the Gnome


59:58 – Outro

The Grawlix Podcast Links

Weekly Comics Spotlight #548: 2018-02-07

John and Drew discuss DEATHSTROKE #28 by DC, X-MEN RED #1 by Marvel and VS #1 by IMAGE COMICS.

Time Codes:
00:00 Intro
13:47 Marvel: X-MEN RED #1
28:17 Other: VS #1 [IMAGE COMICS]
36:37 General discussion
42:40 Next Week Promo
42:50 Wrap up
43:20 End of episode.

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