Comic Timing – Episode 199: Joker Movie Review’s On You

We’re back, baby! For the first time in a few months, the crew gathers together to discuss the latest movie out of DC Comics, Joker. But lo, this movie is not all fun and games, and neither is this review. Join Kris, Raph, Brent and Ian as we dissect the film, and try and understand just what exactly Todd Phillips was trying to accomplish with this piece of cinema. Does it live up to the awards hype, or does this particular joke fall flat? Where does Joaquin Phoenix rank on the long list of live action and animated Jokers we’ve experienced over the years? Does Robert De Niro make a convincing Johnny Carson stand-in? Listen in to find out!

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We will be back sooner than later with more inane ramblings, with hopefully much less time in between episodes this time around. Until then, thanks for listening, and we’ll catch you next time for EPISODE 200 BABY!!!

Super Hero Speak – #328: A Joker in Crisis

In this week’s jam packed episode the guys talk about the Batwoman premiere, give a spoiler free review of The Joker and discuss the latest nerd news. Plus the bring you interviews with Sandy King Carpenter (Storm King Comics) and Matt and Brennan Wagner (GRENDEL: DEVIL’S ODYSSEY). Plus so much more, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Two Dimension | Episode 252

Buck Rogers By Howard Chaykin.

As always, we start off talking about something other than comic books, and this time it is the movie The Last Man On Earth, which led into Night Of The Living Dead, The Omega Man and I Am Legend. Then we talk about the Florida nuisance known as love bugs. We do talk about comics eventually.


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Just Another Fanboy #33 – Berserker Unbound #1

This episode where I talk about Berserker Unbound #1 from Jeff Lemire, Mike Deodato Jr, and Frank Martin. Published by Dark Horse Comics on August 7, 2019

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Just Another Fanboy #32 – Y’all Watching Stumptown?

This episode where I talk about the ABC television series, Stumptown, starring Cobie Smulders, Jake Johnson, Michael Ealy, Cole Sibus, and Camryn Manheim.

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The Evil Life: Making Evil, Ep. 3

Nils-Petter Norlin and Nick Marino talk about the creation process behind Chapters 7-9 of The Evil Life webcomic, detailing our baby alien’s arrival on Earth, Gloom’s job interview, and Hester’s confrontation with M.I.D. Knight.

We talk about shuffling our panels around to create the strongest possible storyline, hiding jokes in the background, Nils’s excellent use of blood to aid the plot progression, and tons more about these latest chapters.

We also reveal Nick’s secret cameo that Nils drew into the comic so long ago that now it looks like a completely different person…

You can follow The Evil Life webcomic here on this site or over on Webtoon. The chapters covered in this conversation include 7: The Gift, 8: Fight or Plight, and 9: Don’t Look Down, and our tenth chapter will be out next week!

Just Another Fanboy #31 – Extremity Volume Two: Warrior

This episode is all about Extremity Volume Two which was published in 2018 by Image Comics and collects issues 7-12 of the comic book by Daniel Warren Johnson.

Check out Episode 4 in which I talk about Extremity Volume One.

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Comic Book Savant Episode 449: Series Spotlight: The Walking Dead

This episode I review one of my favorite series in comics over the past few years The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard. I cover the final 18 issues of the series and discuss my overall thoughts of The Walking Dead comic book series. Enjoy!

Just Another Fanboy #30 – For the Love of Rob!

This is the episode where I feel irrational guilt over speaking negative about books last week.

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Steeven Orr Else #11 – This Ain’t No Episode!

This time around I’ve left life get in the way. You are going to get an installment of Franks and Beans, then, following an apology, I’m going to play you something I’ve recorded and released as an episode of Just Another Fanboy.

This is the episode in which I talk about Spider-Man #1 from J.J. Abrams, Henry Abrams, Sara Pachelli, Dave Stewart, and Joe Caramagna and was published by Marvel on September 18, 2019.

Theme Orr Else was written and performed by Derek Neibarger from Atomic Zombie Records

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Arc Reactions – 134 – Ghost Rider v3 1-10

We talk about the new Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, in this final installment of follow-up fall. Topics include fridging, Flag Smasher, and what we would have liked to see done with the characters and story.

Talking points


Fridging of Barb (6:41)
Canister plot (9:48)
Guest appearances (12:20)
Character development (17:59)


Danny Ketch Ghost Rider (23:05)
Flag Smasher and Ultimatum (35:49)

As Mentioned

Arc Reactions – 53 – Ghost Rider: Road to Damnation

Arc Reactions – 129 – Saga of the Swamp Thing

Arc Reactions – 85 – V for Vendetta

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Our next podcast will be our review of Memetic on November 3rd.

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Wayne’s Comics Podcast #402: Interviews with Travis Horseman and Gilbert Deltrez

It’s another great crowdfunding episode this week, #402! First up is Travis Horseman, who’s collecting his terrific series of graphic novels called Amiculus: A Secret History into a special edition, complete with a new story. We discuss how he brought this powerful story about the collapse of Western Rome to life, just who the main characters are in this historical tale, and what he has in mind for the future of the character as well as his work! Be sure to support his current Kickstarter project, going on now at this link, and he needs your help to bring this volume to life! For more information about this series, go to his website here. Please note that this project has been cancelled since this interview was recorded! Look for more coming from Travis in the near future!

Then everything wraps up with the return of Gilbert Deltrez, creator of several Indie comics I’ve really enjoyed, including Under the Flesh and Lair. He’s got a new series on Indiegogo called Galactic Rodents of Mayhem, which is described as “an off the rails, edge-of-your-seat, deep space sci-fi adventure, featuring your soon-to-be FUR-AVORITE capybara bounty hunters!” We talk about how he’s brought this tale to be as well as what we might expect from him in the months ahead. To support this project, go to Indiegogo at this link today!

Wayne’s Comics Podcast #401: Russell Nohelty, Joel Rodriguez

It’s time for another great Kickstarter double-header in Episode 401! First up is the return of Russell Nohelty, who has a Kickstarter underway right now for a new issue of Ichabod Jones, a series focusing on a serial killer and his path to a very different status. We discuss this fascinating character and how popular he is with fans, then look into the new issue coming your way soon! It concluded on Thursday, October 3, at 9:08 p.m.!

Then everything wraps up with my interview with creator Joel Rodriguez from Dusk County Chronicles, a great Indie comic featuring short horror stories that go where fans like me would never expect them to go! We talk about how this series came to be as well as what we can expect from the creative team in this second issue and beyond! Look for his Kickstarter to debut tomorrow, Monday, September 30, so be sure to support it as soon as you can!

The Podcast of Oa Episode 149 – Return of the Qwa-Man and DC’s New Timeline

Phil Bova and Myron Rumsey team up again for episode 149 of The Podcast of Oa.  The finale of The Green Lantern is the feature comic book conversation and both Myron and Phil talk about what worked for them in the conclusion to the first year of the series.  Myron then talks about the Green Lantern statues on display at this year’s New York Comic-Con before he and Phil talk about DC’s new timeline and observations about how the Green Lantern universe fits into it.  Phil and Myron also talk about the recent “Generation 5” rumors before sharing an iTunes review.

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The Podcast of Oa is sponsored by Heroes Your Mom Threw Out Comic Shop. Green Lantern and other related characters are the copyrighted property of DC Comics Inc. and are used without permission. The Blog of Oa and The Podcast of Oa are fan productions and do not claim any ownership over the Green Lantern or any other copyrighted properties.

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Show Notes:
00:00:00 Intro
00:02:12 The Green Lantern #12
00:23:40 NYCC / DC’s Timeline / Closing