Secret Identity Podcast Issue #798–Lazaretto and Falcon

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Lazaretto #1
Falcon #1
ASM: Renew Your Vows #9

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Comics Alternative Interviews: More with Rich Tommaso

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Time Codes:

  • 00:00:25 – Introduction
  • 00:03:07 – Setup of interview
  • 00:04:43 – Interview with Rich Tommaso
  • 01:01:40 – Wrap up
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Anthropomorphic Espionage

Derek is pleased to have Rich Tommaso back on The Comics Alternative. He appeared on the show last year to discuss his new series at the time, She Wolf, but this time he talks about Spy Seal, his intriguing new anthropomorphic espionage series from Image Comics. They begin by chronicling the genesis of the story, a comic that Rich began as a thirteen-year-old, and then discuss the development of the premise and the various choices Rich made in situating his narrative. One way that Rich describes his new series is by paying homage to Hergé’s Tintin, the globetrotting young investigator who always found himself immersed in adventure and intrigue. He also discloses many of the lessons he learned with his previous Image series, both She Wolf and Dark Corridors, his love of genre, and his need to move on — at least momentarily — from psychological horror and crime stories. Derek also asks Rich about his plans for future Spy Seal narrative arcs, the temporal settings of these plots, and the ways in which the uncertainty of creator-0wned series impacts a writer’s storytelling choices.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Seasons 4

John and Kay have a spoiler filled discussion about the fourth season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D including some possible spoilers about the various related Marvel movies.

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Comic News Insider Episode 809 – NYCC: The Shannara Chronicles w/ Ivana Baquero/Manu Bennett/Austin Butler/Vanessa Morgan/Producers Al Gough/Miles Millar!

Comic News Insider: Episode 809 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Jimmy got his NYCC correspondent Keka to cover the press roundtables for THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES at New York Comic Con. She talked to stars Ivana Baquero, Manu Bennett, Austin Butler, Vanessa Morgan, Producers Al Gough and Miles Millar. How will the show differ now that it’s on a different network? How will the new cast members fit in to the story? Will we see Amberle? Listen in to find out! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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Radio Free Asgard Presents: The Complete Norse Mythology, Part 6

This week I’m working crap-tons of overtime! So while I’m getting time and a half for a thankless task, and virtually no appreciation, please enjoy “Hyndla’s Poem” from Episode 108, “Thor’s Duel with Hrungnir” from Episode 144, “Odin and Billing’s Daughter” from Episode 153, and “Gylfi and Gefion” from Episode 171!

Super Hero Speak – #230: NYCC Part 2 Reactions!

This week the guys bring you 2 more of their interviews from New York Comic Con 2017. They chat with author April Adams(Drawing the Dragon) and producer turned comic book writer Zachary Mortensen(The Gatecrashers). Plus the guys give their reactions to all the new previews that were released last week. Sit back and enjoy!

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Comic News Insider Episode 808 – NYCC: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women w/ Rebecca Hall/Luke Evans/writer-director Angela Robinson!

Comic News Insider: Episode 808 is now available for free download! Click on the link or get it through iTunes! Sponsored by Dynamic Forces.

Jimmy did the press roundtables for PROFESSOR MARSTON AND THE WONDER WOMEN while at New York Comic Con. He talked to stars Rebecca Hall and Luke Evans along with writer/director Angela Robinson. How close to the real story is the movie?* How did the couple come together? Are they now (if not before) Wonder Woman comic book readers/fans? Listen in to find out! Leave your iTunes comments! 5 stars and nothing but love! Also, get a hold of us!



Comic News Insider

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*FULL DISCLOSURE. News came out a week after NYCC that the film does not represent the exact truth. A lot of liberties were taken as admitted by the director. We did NOT know this at the time or else we’d have asked about it. Still, I hear it’s a pretty good film and worth checking out. 


Comics Alternative, Episode 253: Reviews of Lighter Than My Shadow, Now #1, and The Family Trade #1

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Hungry for Art

This week Paul and Derek take on three exciting new titles. They begin with a moving memoir from UK creator Katie Green, Lighter Than My Shadow (Roar-Lion Forge). In this work, Green reveals the eating disorders she struggled with as a young girl and into adulthood. Growing up obsessive-compulsive, Green chronicles how this condition contributed to her anorexic behavior, later evolving into problems with binging. Green also narrates her many attempts to address these problems with various doctors and therapists, the most notorious of whom ends up sexually abusing her…providing even more obstacles to her recovery. The guys are impressed by Green’s honesty and storytelling abilities — particularly taken by her art and the visual metaphors she employs throughout — although toward the end of their conversation about this title, they wonder if perhaps the memoir could have been streamlined just a little. This is a 500+ page text, after all.

Next, the Two Guys look at a brand new anthology from Fantagraphics, Now #1. Edited by Eric Reynolds, this collection of diverse and experimental comic art brings to mind Fantagraphics previous anthology, Mome (which both Derek and Paul dearly miss). In fact, the guys begin their discussion of Now by referencing the earlier anthology, with Paul feeling that the latest efforts are more experimental than Mome, while Derek see it as more similar to the previous series. The only difference is number of new and/or unfamiliar creators in Now (and, Derek argues, such was also the case several years ago with Mome). Some of the standouts in this first issue of Now are Dash Shaw’s “Scorpio,” Gabrielle Bell’s “Dear Naked Guy…,” Sammy Harkham’s “I, Marlon,” Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean’s “Widening Horizon,” and especially Noah Van Sciver’s “Wall of Shame” (for Derek, the best of the collection). But the guys are also impressed, and at times curiously confused, by the contributions from creators that are new to them, such as Sara Corbett, J.C. Menu, Antoine Cossé, and Kaela Graham. But as Paul and Derek argue, the entire issue of Now is compelling and works successfully as an anthology. They can’t wait until the second issue, due for release in January.

Finally, the Two Guys wrap up with a discussion of Justin Jordan, Nikki Ryan, and Morgan Beem’s The Family Trade #1 (Image Comics). This is another example of the kind of world-building often found at Image, and it’s the story of a neutral territory in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Float, ruled by the descendants of the ship captains that originally founded the realm — called the Clans — and the Family, descendants of the hands who had worked for the captains. This first issue opens with the protagonist, Jessa Wynn, attempting to assassinate Stagger Berghardt, a Trump-like charismatic demagogue who appeals to the base instincts of the citizens of the Float. She bungles the assassination, but her efforts put into motion a series of encounters that will propel the narrative into the next issues. Both Derek and Paul are impressed by this first issue, especially Beem’s art, and both plan on remaining on board for the rest of the series.

Collector Boxlight: 2017-08 and 2017-09

John and Kay unbox and discuss the contents of some recent subscription boxes.

Time Codes:
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:36 2017-08 World’s Finest Collection
0:19:27 2017-07 Arctify
0:23:48 2017-08 Doctor Who Block
0:35:03 2017-08 Firefly Cargo Crate
0:44:06 Eaglemoss Doctor Who figures
0:56:59 2017-08 Comic Bento (by Nathan)
1:06:03 2017-08 Arctify
1:10:14 2017-09 Comic Bento (by Nathan)
1:22:07 2017-09 Legion of Collectors
1:26:05 2017-09Arctify
1:27:14 Wrap up
1:27:44 End

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Comic Book Savant Episode 353: TV Talk: Fall Preview

October is here so it is time to look at some of my favorite comic book related shows returning this upcoming season. I will cover all the networks and genres, live action, cartoons, etc so strap in and enjoy the ride!

Comics Alternative Interviews: Back with Sophie Goldstein

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Time Codes:

  • 00:00:24 – Introduction
  • 00:02:39 – Setup of interview
  • 00:04:28 – Interview with Sophie Goldstein
  • 01:16:41 – Wrap up
  • 01:18:21 – Contact us


Sci-Fi and the Art of Psycho-Sexual Drama

On this episode of The Comics Alternative‘s interview series, Paul and Derek are pleased to talk with Sophie Goldstein. Her new book, House of Women, was recently published by Fantagraphics, and she talks with the Two Guys about her four-year process of creating her narrative. As Sophie describes it, this is a psycho-sexual sci-fi drama about a group of female missionaries who travel to a distant planet to help educate — and colonize — the local population. Complications ensue when an earlier missionary, Jael Dean, goes native and becomes the focus of rival affections. During their insightful conversation, Goldstein discusses the genesis of the project, how it springs from her love of the film Black Narcissus and how it began as a thesis while she was at the Center for Cartoon Studies. She also reveals her strategies for composing her protagonists, the evolution of the storyline, and the history of originally self-publishing her work in three parts.

Be sure to check out Sophie Goldstein’s Patreon page, as well as her previous times on the podcast:

EMP Episode 129: Hulk O’ Burning Love

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Individually they were just like those guys who like to hang around the comic book shop and talk comics but together they form the Earth’s Mightiest Podcast!

IN THIS EPISODE…Bobby is out recovering from his Hydra torture but we continue to soldier on!  Super fan Matt joins us to finish out Secret Empire and delve into the giant sized Marvel Legacy #1! Plus some mild The Gifted Spoilers.

0:14:37 Secret Empire Omega (2017) #1
0:24:57 Secret Empire Overview
0:34:41 Avengers (2016) #11
0:49:33 Champions (2016) #12
0:55:00 Defenders (2017) #5
1:05:35 Marvel Legacy (2017) #1
1:40:19 U.S. Avengers (2017) #10
1:49:01 Uncanny Avengers (2015.2) #27

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The Grawlix Podcast #55: More Goth, Less Ham

On this episode the Grawlix Podcast discusses The Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1, recasting horror movie monsters with comic book characters, the annual pumpkin spicening and more! Enjoy!

This episode originally appeared on

Show Notes and Links
00:00:00 – Intro/Greetings
00:02:31 – Halloween Special Announcement and Episode/Issue Numbering Anxieties
00:08:49 – Annual Pumpkin Spice Conversation
00:13:04 – Next Poll List Pick – John Constantine, Hellblazer Vol. 1: Original Sins
00:17:59 – The Immortal Iron Fist Vol. 1: The Last Iron Fist Story
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00:53:10 – Twitter Question from @SuperiorComic16: Recast horror movie villains with comic characters.
01:03:47 – Outro

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Deconstructing Comics #572: Barbara Schulz on MCAD’s Comic Art Program

Barbara Schulz

The number of schools offering comic art programs in the US is small but increasing. This time we look at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD). John Bivens and Eliot Rahal give us some background, and then we talk to one of the primary faculty members teaching in their comic art program, Barbara Schulz. She gives us her thoughts on choosing the best comic art program for you, challenges facing anyone trying to get started in comics (such as self-promotion, unscrupulous publishers, and more.

Deconstructing Comics site